ruckus: Boutique Creative Agency

Rajesh Purushothaman, Managing Director

Team ruckus

That advertising strategy is necessary for a business to maintain visibility in the market is unquestionable. All of the established brands that we see in the market understand the value of advertising as a revenue driver model and strategizes accordingly. Businesses that fail to see thepositives of advertising often allocate little, if any funds to campaigns which lead it to nowhere. Bangalore based boutique creative agency ruckus is fuelled by quirky ideas, brainstorming sessions and out-of-the-box strategies. The team at ruckus strives until the design idea is implemented and the clients’ approve of it. “Advertising is an extremely consumer sensitive industry. Your audience is the ultimate receiver of whatever you advertise, and that’s why profiling target audience accurately is such a crucial step. The challenges usually arise in terms of creating stand-out concepts that truly make a mark on the audience and it’s the
creative bit that truly distinguishes one from the other,” says Rajesh Purushothaman –Managing Director.

"We do not have any pre-made product; each and every modular component of a product is made-to-order for our clients"

Driven by deadlines and turning challenges into opportunities, ruckus specializes in Advertising, Digital and Engagement Marketing. It offers an array of services - right from complete branding and creative services to both online and offline marketing collaterals. Throwing light on, Rajesh explicates, “We have a dedicated team for each requirement, whether it’s our talented design and content team or our digital marketing experts. Our USP in such a competitive market has to be the fact that we deliver, no matter what. While we do have dedicated teams for each job, when it comes down to the T and deadlines become a criterion, there’s an eclectic amalgam of each and every team working together to get the job done.”

In fact, one such great example of ruckus teamwork is with Bosch Limited on their Bosch India Experience Center. Right from basic ideation to conceptualization, and the eventual recreation of each concept into visual and textual design, the team has worked in tandem, day and night to make the dream a reality.
Synergizing well with Business Requirements
To match-pace with this digital era and achieve maximum market penetration, the digital marketing team at ruckus constantly engages in research and endeavours to find new, improved and quicker ways to help clients market their brands more effectively in the digital space. When it comes to making stellar videos for promotional purposes or even creating the most SEO-friendly websites, the company doesn’t leave any stone unturned. “Our aim is to hold on to the old-school mantras of advertising, but also integrating with new-school tech that just makes things simpler,” he mentions.

ruckus has an extremely closeknit team that comes up with crazy, innovative new ways to serve the clients. The team and their energy truly justify the company name, ruckus. There is never a dull, quiet moment in our workspace, with ideas and opinions constantly being exchanged between every single member of the team. The energy is quite electric and constant. “Our team is extremely diverse, with each and every one of us is different and unique on so many levels. And while you wouldn’t expect such a group of oddballs to be able to work together, we’ve found perfection in our imperfections and created a rock-solid team of creative nutjobs!’’ he smiles.