Saltwater Studio: Leveraging Global Expertise to Design Unique Exhibition Stalls

Reeta Shirodkar ,    DirectorExhibition being an effective platform that brings B2B buyers and sellers together, organizations strive to produce an exhibition stall that attracts crowds. Designing such a stall is not an easy task, since the product, message, budget and expectation of every exhibition is different. This calls for an expert in the field of exhibition stall designing with global experience. Saltwater Studio, also known as SWD Studio, is one such exhibition stall design expert that focuses on space designing with the aim of promoting its client’s products and brand image by creating an astounding display of exhibition stalls using visual and graphic elements.

Simple, Stunning & Cost Effective
Incepted in 2013 by Reeta Shirodkar and Ashok Bisht (Directors), who hold 15+ years of industry experience, SWD has already made a name for itself in the industry by gaining global experience and building excellent network of associates internationally. Having executed
various exhibition stalls worldwide(Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Shanghai, Bangladesh, US, Europe, and UAE)adds to its experience, which is clearly manifested in its exhibition stalls in India. Rather than being just a fabrication vendor, SWD works as a consultant partner for its clients and provides the overall services involved in an exhibition cycle including exhibition stall designing, fabrication, printing & graphic designing, project & event management, logistics, warehousing and catering services.

Exhibitions being a temporary setup, SWD makes it ecofriendly and reusable and aims to add some new ecofriendly build products in its portfolio very soon

Streamlining all the processes and accomplishing most of the fabrication work at its own workshop enables the company to construct the exhibition stalls faster, while simultaneously avoiding the wastage of labour and material. The company endeavours to get the most value out of client’s budget by providing a fully customized exhibition stand that expresses the spirit of client company, or a combination of system, and custom structures. Exhibitions being a temporary setup, SWD makes it ecofriendly and reusable and aims to add
some new ecofriendly build products in its portfolio very soon.

To come up with an eye catching idea or theme, the designing team conducts a lot of research on various aspects such as brand personality & positioning, its competitors’ position and target audience focusing on the message to be delivered. Its team of creative designers work on the stall structure in such a way that it embodies the brand value and outper forms the competitors. “No matter where the location, we have the team and resources to help you make an impact, and stand out in the competition,” remarks Ashok.

The company has a CRM and task management software to align all the processes between the design, production and client servicing teams. SWD has partnered with relevant e-Commerce platforms like nStands & Mozatyas well as many expert consultants in parallel business such as Advertising, Digital Media Promotion, Learning & Development, and Reward & Recognition to provide its clients with engaging activities along with their event design. This professionalism has bestowed it with awards like Best Stand Design Award at MCHI, Acetech.

SWD is relishing an impressive growth rate of 50 percent annually contributed by the new products and solutions added to its portfolio as per the market needs. It’s planning to roll out its own proprietary events and meets in the near future, where clients can meet and interact with their stakeholders in new ways.