Scintilla Kreations: A Drop-Ship of Premier Branding & Ad Filming Wheeling Cost-Effective, Quality Solutions

Satish Kumar Kemburu, Managing Director

Satish Kumar Kemburu

Managing Director

With the Indian advertising industry mushrooming hype and sound across the globe, it is evident for many to credit digital media for this sensational huraah. Amidst this affluence, advertisements have always been playing the master strokes unraveling creativity of many groundbreaking masterminds. From breaking stereotypes to promoting national assimilation, advertisements have done it all. Hyderabad based Scintilla Kreations is one such creative advertising agency carving virtual ideas into digital sensations. With an impressive oeuvre in different genres and languages, Scintilla employs brand promotion stratagem with such ease that customers are bound to choose it.

With over two decades of ad filming experience, Satish Kumar Kemburu (Managing Director) established Scintilla Kreations in 2005 with a clear purpose and single-minded approach to deliver creative advertising results and commercial success for clients. The company owns a fully integrated film production house that enables clients to endure world-class ad filming experience, corporate videos and other tech-developments. Driven by a crew of 50+ professionals, every creative ninja
is aced with polished skills in their respective fields including graphics animation, editing, sound engineering, cinematography, script writing,web designing, web development, mobile application development and SEO.

The company owns a fully integrated film production house that enables clients to endure world-class ad filming experience, corporate videos and other tech-developments

Lights, Camera, Action
After much homework on understanding market calculations, Scintilla offers remarkable services at the best economic prices with no compromise with quality, hence outshines its competitors. While embellishing every work with international standards, the company offers services for advertising, ad films, corporate films, documentary films, graphic walk through films, creative print design, FM radio ads, brand publicity, media buying and digital marketing, wherein brand publicity and ad filming is its arena of excellence. Adding to this expertise is its unique proposition of maintaining a personalized equipment lab accoutered with latest equipments that are required while filming. “We always look forward to explore different verticals and bring out more creative solutions to reduce the scope of problem along with setting up bench marks for our improvements which help us deliver more wonderful work,” avers Satish.
When asked about the challenges, Satish adds, “It’s all about budgets. The amount client offers to your work might be substantially less than what is required to do the actual work”. As a solution to this, the company owns a classic team and high-end paraphernalia in-house to complete the job without hiccups. Since the company employs all possibilities of making a film with different technologies like 2D, 3D, whiteboard animation, pictorial animation, typographical animation and many more based on the client’s budget, industry and target audience, Scintilla, today, is known to address all issues with the most eccentric solution possible. No wonder, this industry pro earns projects from countries worldwide including U.S. and Germany!

In League with Creativity & Technology
Catering to a prestigious base including NCL Group, L&T Infotech, Nagarjuna Cement, Saffola and many more, Satish cites the exemplar of its association with CAG organization. He asserts, “We understood the domain and made a corporate video which simplifies the concept of Big Data and yet shows its importance in industries”. With no loophole for security breaches, Scintilla deploys international technology upgradation like Red Dragon and GoPro for shoots. Having crossed the turnover of Rs.3 crore, the company earned recognition for national empowerment by DAVP, accreditation by NFDC, got empanelled with Telengana and Andra Pradesh governments and has plans in pipeline to expand its wings in all metropolitan cities.