ShowBoat: An Exhibition Stall Weaved from the Yarn of the Brand

Sandeep Sinha, FounderToday in this technological era, the business world is cluttered with sweeping ideas on how to manage customers, drive the business by customer engagement and shove the most out of the brand experience. Among all, exhibitions are an unparalleled platform wherein a large number of audiences are targeted and they can physically experience the features of the product gaining an impart vision of the brand. Hence it is necessary to create interactive exhibition stalls that speak to the customers. Expert in weaving exhibition stalls from the yarn of the brand is ShowBoat, a brand experiential start-up with a professional team, aims to provide unique and brand focused exhibition stall design and execution.

Portrays the Brand Spirit
Incepted a year ago, ShowBoat has an experienced team having a collective experience of more than 30 years, who strongly believes in developing impregnable bonds with the brands and its clients by familiarising itself with their vision, mission and foundation. This helps in creating an understanding for the brand and their exhibition stall requirements. Its R&D team works
in sync with the client company and does a thorough market research to delivers the best customized stall that exactly matches the client’s expectations. “We aim to deliver our 100 percent to make our first pitch the final execution plan, and even learn from the feedback during the designing stage,” asserts Sandeep Sinha, Founder, ShowBoat.

ShowBoat ensures that the elements used are unique and modern that stands out in the current era with a subtle spotlight on the brand story

While designing the exhibition stall, a great amount of importance is given to the colour, material and texture to bring out the essence of the client’s brand or objective of the exhibition. From colour schemes to alignment, from structures to an overall look or curating designs, every attempt that ShowBoat makes in formulating an exhibition stall conveys the client’s brand vision. Alongside, it ensures that the elements used are unique and modern that stands out in the current era with a subtle spotlight on the brand-story. By procuring a designated team, it ensures zero compromise on quality and delivery which closely monitors the production at workshop and sees that top quality production is undertaken at every stage. Aiming to be a winner amongst the market competition, ShowBoat delivers the exhibition stall which is best, efficient and cost-effective.
Combining its years of rich experience with the millennial power of its team (having fresh and advanced ideas), ShowBoat successfully delivers a fullfledged engaging exhibition stall. For showcasing the brand’s premium identity and making the stall engaging enough to the target audience, the company equips it with interactive kiosks display and promotes it socially using AR, VR, other digital devices & photographic technologies. The target audiences are also notified about the exhibition through various promotional ways so that they can use it as an opportunity to interact with the brand and its products in real time at the exhibition.

The company holds a broader horizon and is ready to serve various sectors like FMCG, Luxury products, Automobile, Electronics, Sport & Educational brands and many more. Currently, ShowBoat profile is entailed with a huge variety of exhibition stalls that were created for various departments of the Government of Telangana, Real Estate, Pharma, Oil & Petroleum and IT, and were well executed & appreciated. ShowBoat is working towards creating a digitized platform to project the upcoming sporting culture of society under the name Being a startup company, it takes pride in establishing itself as a boutique agency that offers a complete array of live experience solutions to its clients rather than focusing on revenues. Wishing to foresee exciting times ahead for India, ShowBoat is working towards becoming India’s first global experiential marketing company in the next 10 years.