Silver Ties Design Studios: Consolidated Approach for Intuitive Designs & Digital Strategy

Shrikar N Shivakumar, Director, Brand Strategy

Shrikar N Shivakumar

Director, Brand Strategy

Shrikar Shivakumar, CEO, Silver Ties Design Studio, believes that boring is dead in today’s fastpaced creative world. Boasting of a creative and colorful portfolio, Silver Ties Design Studio is known as one of Bangalore’s premier ad agencies with an integrated digital media wing. A fully integrated creative house, the company renders all forms of messagingright from branding & visual identity to POS communication, packaging, ATL, and OOH. “Our integrated digital wing handles the entire gamut of digital services such as online advertising native, social and other cross media campaigns,” says Shrikar. Adept at creating holistic, 360 degree, connected campaigns that are tightly interwoven across media platforms, Silver Ties is on a mission to make the world a more beautiful place.

Campaigns that Stand-out
In an industry that thrives on mediocrity, Silver Ties follows a conscious pattern of actively trying to go beyond preconceived notions and break the communication clutter in any industry. The firm designs every creative output such as packaging visual merchandising or advertising by first studying the competitor landscape, identifying the common mould that the competitors follow, and figuring out a way to visually stand-out from the competitors.

Undertaking a thorough approach to planning projects and campaigns, Silver Ties initiates
any project with an evaluation of the current landscape & communication prejudices, identifying key communication points that matter to the customer, uncovering under leveraged client assets and developing these into a visual or an integrated campaign that standsout from the crowd. This is done through unique story telling a distinctive creative feel or simply by adding something different to an already established communication vehicle.

Silver Ties constantly stays at the forefront of new design trends, leverages changes in design language, as well as integrates metrics and response tracking

Bringing these creative ideas to life is Silver Ties’ close knit team of experts who imbue campaigns with their personal experiences as well. “These are our strengths be it developing a hyperlocal campaign, using colloquialisms to connect with the target audience or using personal experiences like forgetting a birthday to create a midnight cake delivery campaign,” says the team.

Keeping-up with the Times & Trends
Silver Ties constantly stays at the forefront of new design trends, leverages changes in design language, as well as integrates metrics and response tracking. The firm has allocated an exclusive development budget that supports research for knowledge expansion, exploring new tools, as well as trend spotting. One of Silver Ties’top priorities has been to strengthen its ability to track and adapt communications and visuals based on feedback, be it brand or end user, which has helped the firm stay relevant in the ever evolving industry.

The client centric organization only relies on measuring the success of a campaign through measuring RoI however, Silver Ties understands that RoI means different things to different clients. “For one real estate client who was looking at sales as a key RoI metric a simple change in communication strategy yielded a three-fold increase in average sales, while for another client whose RoI metric was to reduce costs a standardization of design language resulted in the reduction of production costs by a significant amount,” explains Shrikar. The firm yields such positive results by managing the target audiences expectations and shoring-up the client’s brand image with the intended audiences. By amalgamating its consolidated approach of intuitive design & digital strategy and technical know how, Silver Ties has redefined how its clients communicate engage and grow in an ever changing world.