Standard Publicity: Diversified Strengths in all Techniques of Marketing Communication

Kalyan Sarkar,  CEO

Kalyaneswar Sarkar, Director

Ever since the advent of the modern economy, advertising and its allied marketing tools have been harnessed by enterprises for selling goods, ideas and services. As the industry has grown more specialized, new insights in the key matrices of demographics and consumer behaviour are being employed in devising strategic solutions for corporations and building global brands. One agency that is steeped in the dynamics of advertising is Standard Publicity, which for more than seventy years has been fine-tuning strategies and driving sales of its illustrious roster of clients.

The agency was established by A.K Sarkar, a highly venerated personality in the advertising industry in Kolkata. Driving this legacy forward is Kalyan Sarkar, the founder’s son. From its inception, Standard has stretched every sinew to develop cutting edge solutions in print production, films, market research, event management and exhibitions that have added great value to various clients. Standard is now a 360-degree media solutions provider and offers the full gamut of communications services that includes Advertising, Digital
Marketing, PR and CRM. It is the prime mover of several films, jingles, press and outdoor campaigns. “In Standard Publicity, we have developed diversified strengths in alltechniques of marketing communications. We combine experience and youthful exuberance to deliver result oriented services and solutions to our clients,” says Kalyan, the CEO of Standard Publicity.

"The dedication of Standard Publicity’s competent and professional work force has moulded our vision, shaped our ideas and given directions to our growth"

Based in Kolkata, widely considered as the cultural capital of India, Standard Publicity has held the pole position in the ecosystem of advertising and marketing industry for decades. Over the decades, the company’s client profile has grown exponentially even as its revenues have mushroomed and it geographical footprint extends to key markets. It has been providing customised solutions to standard bearers of Corporate India like Siyarams, Assam Tourism, Rolex, Income Tax Department, LIC, Kutchina, and BHEL among others. Its innovative strategies have helped many organizations create brands that have earned the trust of consumers, post financial gains and gain significant market share. By providing such stellar services Standard has become the go to organisation those who seek to reach the heart of the consumer. Its business turnover has increased substantially to plus 26 crores.

Hence, it would apt to say that the company inherited a legacy and
through hard-nosed professionalism, has taken it to a higher level. “In the last 26 years, our company has made rapid advances. We not only serve domestic brands but well-known international brands as well. As the most savvy and dominant region of the country we stand unchallenged,” states Kalyan.

Standard Publicity has developed its own unique matrix for growth, built on the creativity, skill and competence of its dedicated team of professionals. Team Standard has weathered choppy seas, tackled complex issues, and continues to come up with original and effective solutions that break the mould and blend in with the dynamics of a rapidly changing market. “We are a team of great professionals that has significant experience and skills in the different aspect of advertising. Collectively and individually, their contribution is continuously ramping our services and offerings, giving us the opportunity to thrive successfully,’ voices Kalyan.

To reiterate, Standard Publicity is the only agency based in the Eastern region that has received accolades from major media outlets like Indian Newspaper Society (New Delhi), All India Radio (Prasar Bharati, Mumbai), Doordarshan ( Prasar Bharati, New Delhi), Indian Broadcasting Foundation, and International Advertising Association(New York) among others. Even as Standard has broadened its horizons, it continues to hone its techniques to master new media formats to fashion new age communication and marketing solutions.