Streamlyn Media: Helping Organisations Align to the Ever-Growing Advertising Landscape

Raja Chakraborty & Naveen Kumar Chennala,Co-FoundersSustainability and visibility have taken a completely different turn in today’s world. From the endless stream of ‘Brought to you by’, paradigms have changed where advertising is not quarantined by the number of eye balls it attracts, but also the attention it manages to procure from the target audience. Smart and technology-infused advertising is the ‘Brahmastra’ in today’s war of brand sustainability and no one helps you wage the battle better than Streamlyn Media. Founded by Raja Chakraborty & Naveen Kumar Chennala (Co-Founders), Streamlyn is a one-stop-advertising solution provider that not only assists publishers gain marketing productivity, but also ensures the judicious use of the capital invested with its niche practices and consoles offering a progressive knack for the industrial expertise.

A Transparent Methodology
The disproportional nature between the CPM (Cost per Thousand) and the regressive digital assets often leave a string of disappointment for the
publishers. Streamlyn’s in-house ad-server & algorithm analyzes and optimises the monetization depending upon which the team curates relevant solutions to facilitate clients with high ROI &eCPMs. Furthermore, its proprietary ‘Bidsxchange’, a smart advertising console deploys machine learning to help clients formulate their own advertising campaigns as per the market and target audience. With Bidsxchange doing the heavy lifting, Streamlyn works with the advertisers to direct the reigns of media planning & execution, creative planning & creation and programmatic advertising. Naveen further adds, “We are the early adopters of Connected TV advertising and new initiatives like ads.txt and ads.sys in APAC market, which have helped our publishers & clients leverage these novel features with better understanding”.

"Streamlyn’s in-house ad-server and algorithm analyze and optimise the monetization depending upon which the team curates relevant solutions to facilitate clients with high ROI and eCPMs"

The organisation offers the novel concept of In-image advertising that acts as an additional revenue source for publishers and monetizes the websites images, and brings-in the right tariff for the marketing involved. Additionally, its clients achieve an edge over the competition with Streamlyn’s Header bidding wrapper tags, which automates the bidding process with clients’ consent, and offers the highest bid, thereby accelerating the latters’ inventory rates.
World is the Oyster
With its offices in Singapore, U.S. and India, Streamlyn brings-in a global perception, reinforcing its strong presence in the APAC and MENA region that brings-in the largest pool of U.S. & Canada-based Asian, African and Middle East user database, multi-cultural diversity and further strengthens the clients’ traffic influx. “Our multicultural advertising partners usually face challenge in reaching Asian and African in U.S. and Canada. With our huge pool of direct publishers’ relationships from Asian & African region, we help them reach-out to their potential audience efficiently and economically,” adds Raja. Currently, Streamlyn holds the crown of being the best optimization partner for vernacular publishers generating content on regional languages: Mandarin Chinese, Filipino, Vietnamese, Thai, Burmese, and many others.

For those starting-out in this domain, or looking to refine their pre-existing skills, Streamlyn Academy for Digital Marketing offers a uniquely crafted pedagogy that helps enhance the academics and implement the knowledge in relevant industrial matters. With diversification in mind, Streamlyn is focused on improving and increasing the business verticals and targeting a revenue growth of 200 percent at the end of the current FY. “We will be opening new offices in the U.S. and Canada with more headcounts and we have also partnered with Google this year to help vernacular publishers (Telugu, Tamil, & Bengali) increase their revenue,” concludes the duo.