sunSTRATEGIC: Creating Persona with Proactive Strategies

Sherina Kapany, FounderSince the digital revolution, PR has been forced to adapt into the boundless scope of digital media. What has remained consistent however is the need for unique content, which today has the power to create & blemish a persona real-time. This predicament engenders gravity to strategy-focused digital PR and Marketing partners such as sunSTRATEGIC, which specializes in creating influential persona out of individuals, brands and products /services with its impeccable ability to devise proactive & highly integrated strategies according to sophisticated targets, and by combining traditional PR with Content Marketing, Digital Outreach, Social Media and Search.

Unlike the flood of traditional PR agencies who just stream content into the internet,sunSTRATEGIC begins with devising a proactive strategy-highly integrated with the requirements, vision and budget plans of the organization, or delving deep into the daily personal schedules of an individual. This in fact eradicates the possibilities of any misrepresentation. “We work with aspirant influencers to make their authentic voice penetrate across targeted geographies and industries at particular day &
time through prominent global publishers, while ensuring no message goes to archives. We help them reinvent themselves,” asserts Sherina Kapany, Founder, sunSTRATEGIC. Always ready to go an extra mile, the company also offers comprehensive(digital) demand generation services(BTL to ATL) ranging from performance&content marketing to gaming app & website development, landing page creation and much more, while testing the waters in virtual reality norms.

sunSTRATEGIC further underpins its strategies with a content calendar to monitor and keep the campaigns alive in the long run, and it often leverages on data mining & analytic tools

Changing the Game
sunSTRATEGIC further underpins its strategies with a content calendar (according to which creative content are published & updated) to monitor and keep the campaigns alive in the long run, and it often leverages on data mining & analytic tools to predict the peak times and read the audience’s mindset."Not everybody requires writing an open letter to their children to establish a thought process and make an influence. All they need is a genuine thought, framed into unique content with a creative PR strategy behind it, and that’s where we excel in," adjoins Sherina. Perceiving the power of resonance in the digital realm, the company keeps the quality criteria intact while framing content, which makes it acceptable for multifarious cultures across the globe.
sunSTRATEGIC is an expert in taking you to the level-next. "If you are already an influencer, we maneuver you to the level-next,” promises Sherina. An ideal example being its efforts to take Bajaj Finserv’s organic search campaign from just ‘fairly-doing’ to the foremost level, with powerful content. In the process, it bestowed Bajaj a social makeover with 5/5 user rating, 2,020,329 likes and 82 percent engagement on Facebook. Similarly, sunSTRATEGIC successfully conceptualized and delivered content for leader personality development and organizational communication for Torrent Pharma. sunSTRATEGIC, over the years, has nurtured a habit of changing the game for its clientele which today comprises some of the prestigious brands like Payal New York, Menarini & Cineyug Celebrations, award winning CXOs and well-known leaders across the globe.

The Women-Army with a Mission
"We don't do things 'to' companies, we do it 'with' them and with a lot of 'love', and we take pride in our extremely loyal team who has taken this vision as their vision,” affirms Sherina. sunSTRATEGIC boasts of an all-women management team who travels in pursuit of the global trends and technologies. While remaining bootstrapped, the company has grown about seven fold from where it began, which accounts for its next year’s revenue target of Rs.15 crore. However, en route to the future, sunSTRATEGIC’s strategy will remain on engendering creative strategies and developing unique content for its clients.