Surreal Design Studio: Blending Creativity & Technology for Larger than life Decor

Ameya Kankonkar, Co-Founder,Rahul Soni, Founder

Ameya Kankonkar, Co-Founder

Rahul Soni, Founder

The outdoor decor industry in India has seen a rapid transformation in the last eight years with public spaces realizing the impact that strong and meaningful decor has on the psyche of shoppers and visitors. Increasingly, malls and other public spaces are drawing attention to themselves by creating world class decor and installations every season. This has given rise to an insatiable demand for standout design and the ability to execute these designs using innovative production techniques and sound engineering practices.

Surreal Design studio is a market leader in this space since the nascence of the outdoor decor sector in India. It is known to be a specialist in concept based decor with inhouse design and execution abilities. As an integrated service provider, they work on designing, production, fabrication, and installation of custom made decor. Ameya Kankonkar, Co-Founder of Surreal Design Studio, says, “We operate in the Public Decor space which consists of Mall & Airport Decor, Public Space Installations, Visual Merchandising and Tech Based Outdoor innovations".

An Integrated Platform
Rahul Soni, Founder of Surreal Design Studio says “Our strong design team and fully equipped manufacturing unit ensures most of
our work is done inhouse, which gives us a solid grip on cost efficiencies and quality measures. From a client's perspective they are offered an entire spectrum of services from design to execution, all of it meant to provide outcomes equivalent to their expectations.”

Surreal leverages strong technical expertise in executing these displays at premium retails and travel destinations like shopping malls and airports in India and across the globe. It works in a five step module that starts with the Visualisation process which is then translated into design work for clients. On approval of the proposed design, it enters into 3dimensional designs and technical drawings, Post which the project enters the Production phase with strict quality control. The final step is the onground project execution.

Moving beyond the realms of passive interactivity, Surreal is now powering tools that enhance interactivity, consumer engagements and measurability

Breathing Life into Consumers'Perceptions
Instead of staying limited to standalone installations the industry is moving towards ideas that drive engagement for consumers in a public area. Moving beyond the realms of passive interactivity, Surreal is now powering tools that enhance interactivity, consumer engagements and measurability.

Rahul adds,“While there is innovation with the visual work that we do, we are now making it possible for consumers to experience our decor through Mixed Reality techniques such as AR & VR, and Visual display tech such as Anamorphic and 3D Illusion displays. Our partnerships with technology innovators and visual creators globally helps us in bringing the latest in visual trends and innovations to India in quick time".

Future Projections
Ameya concludes,"We are now expanding our work footprint into markets including Australia, US, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. We believe that given our strong design backing and production capabilities, we are strongly poised to service our clients globally. Our understanding of the design expectations and quality benchmarks in international markets helps us create designs and products that work for them from a value and quality perspective".