Syncline Films: Offering Superior Quality Video Streaming right from Acquisition to Delivery

Jaj Padmakaran, Operations Head

Jaj Padmakaran

Operations Head

The adoption of digitized media content has been progressively changing the business landscape over the past decade. Today, webcasting & streaming services are leveraged by enterprises to communicate, build their brand, and generate sales leads in an efficient manner. However, despite this massive advancement, there exist specific challenges such as cost, equipment rentals, manpower, live production, streaming, internet connectivity, and delivery over non-scalable networks that the industry continues to face while delivering their events online to intended audiences. To deal with these challenges, New-Delhi based Syncline Films surges ahead with tech-enabled modules for live events by offering best-in-class solutions and outstanding video quality. Founded in 2005, Syncline diversified into live streaming services in 2010 under the brand name ‘StreamingLive’ to cater to the opening up of digital media need.

End-to-End, Comprehensive Webcasting Solutions
From offering a variety of services for online delivery of video like webcasting services to webinar products & CDN subscription, Streaming Live ensures complete management of its live and on-demand streaming media services while taking care of all aspects
including production, acquisition, encoding, delivery and website integration. Offering to choose from a single camera unit to a full-fledged multicamera setup with a production switcher, StreamingLive’s services are well known for its flexibility. While many market purveyors utilizes third party equipment, hire inexperienced freelance crew or deliver services over unreliable single streaming servers, StreamingLive stands apart owning its equipment and having inhouse crew members with decades of experience that help in achieving quality flow of services.

At StreamingLive, we understand that the success of our business is directly related to the success of our customers

Live streaming across a corporate firewall is a major challenge,but for StreamingLive, firewall traversal was never an issue. It has been providing both customized on-premise streaming server solutions and IBM’s E-CDN solution that help deliver live streams deep within the client’s network without compromising on security. While dealing with multiple vendors in large events, factors like incompatible interfacing equipment or lack of crew coordination increases the chances of service failure. To sidekick such hurdles, StreamingLive with its event partner ‘EventArtz’ offers a one-stop solution overcoming the barrier of scalability covering entire range of services from event production to live stream delivery in a smooth hassle free flow. Being a complete streaming
solution provider, StreamingLive has partnered with LiveU Solo (video encoder manufacturer), IBM’s Ustream (Content delivery networks) and THEOplayer (Video player), who are best in their respective industries.

“At StreamingLive, we understand that the success of our business is directly related to the success of our customers,” avers Jaj Padmakaran, Head of Operations, Syncline Films and Technical Director with StreamingLive. Stringent quality check guidelines for equipment & Internet bandwidth testing, prior to event ensures minimal chances of failure, one of the reasons why StreamingLive has achieved 99 plus percent of success rate till date. “Our years of experience delivering 500 plus live events has given us exposure to handle crisis situations has enabled our team to adapt accordingly to troubleshoot the issues in case of any,” explains Jaj. With such customer centric approach, the company has cumulated a very strong presence in the digital space and added several prestigious clients to its list, including Adidas, GE, SBI Cards, SODEXO, Tata Communications, India International Centre, and many more.

Since inception, StreamingLive is growing leaps & bound and has expanded its base from Delhi to Mumbai & Dubai. Currently, the company is planning to roll out cost effective stream-it-yourself solutions, where it will provide the entire kit bundled with a streaming platform account to enable small businesses conduct webcasting by themselves. “Also, we will be focusing on setting a custom hybrid streaming solutions for large organizations to enable them cater both outward and inward facing events,” concludes Jaj.