Tarsan: Ensuring Transparency & Accountability via Data-Driven Platform

Tarun Nayyar,Founder & CEO

Tarun Nayyar

Founder & CEO

In recent years, the digital world has been witnessing many scandals associated with a huge amount of fraud spotting in advertising purchases and lack of transparency. This sitch herald the dawn of a global dialogue among advertisers, publishers and advertising platforms on mechanism of enhancing transparency in transactions conducted via advertising exchanges. Furthermore, the concerns about ad fraud and view ability, measurement and a more data-centric mindset have all accorded to the new assertiveness between marketers.

Leading the way when it comes to transparency & accountability, New Delhi-based Tarsan offers an in-house platform AdMenu that not only tracks & analyzes the performance of each campaign, but also bestows clear & quantifiable value for every advertising avenue, enhancing the ROI on ad spends. This machine learning enabled platform even recognizes & targets the right publishers for individual advertisement & customer and cleans-up the programmatic ecosystem from deceit technologies and participants. “We don’t render blind traffic, we give clear information about placement of
advertisement on different platforms via GAID & IDFA and share forums details with customers. This is the kind of transparency that we have built with our clients which majority of agencies miss-out in the present era,” adds Tarun Nayyar, Founder & CEO, Tarsan.

"This performance-driven company upholds complete accountability for each campaign, and allows customers to measure their total expenditure,earning and profit"

Data-Driven Mechanism
The firm that instigated its journey in 2012 with mobile value-added services is today reckoned as a leading performance-based mobile media agency catering to topnotch clientele globally (Airtel, Paytm, Appsilon, M&C Saatchi, Cyber Agent, and more) and renders performance & branding campaign, SMS/email/voice/short code and social solutions. Pioneer in execution of marketing plan via mobile, Tarsan works on cutting-edge servers and deploys latest technologies to develop solutions for complex business problems. The company’s unique feature of gathering information about mobile devices and maintaining huge database of publishers & marketers ease it to optimize every campaign carefully and acquire right successor, quality audience with worldwide reach at minimal cost. Its API based tracking platform not only keeps the campaigns free from human errors, but also automatically selects the campaign as per the profile and customer requirements.

Unlike others, the company discovers its own media buy and explores different in-house
demand supplier platforms that bring genuine users on the client’s app and boost transaction value on their respective applications. This performance-driven company upholds complete accountability for each campaign, and allows customers to measure their total expenditure, earning and profit. Besides, it drives numerous transactional campaigns for e-Commerce platforms and charges only for the lined traffic experienced by customers, wherein their payment depends on CPI, CPT and CPR. Furthermore, Tarsan maintains a five-layer security policy where every layer requires authentication & approval and signs extensive agreement with clients to protect their data. “We never store data; we just identify people according to their device id. The information given to us is all in concurrence from the publisher and advertisers,” adds Tarun.

Future Roadmap
Tarsan strongly believes that team, technology and relationship are the pillars of a strong company. With an intention to render better services to partner across different time zones, the venture has recently opened its branch in Ohio and planning to expand to cities like Mumbai, Bangalore and Singapore by end of 2018. Simultaneously, Tarsan aims to further enhance Admenu and convert it into a revenue generation opportunity and become a 360 degree/one-stop solution’s performance based mobile marketing agency for clients to expand into creative side. With such strong blueprints, the company looks at consolidating the business and increase the revenue by cent percent.