The Yellow Coin Communication: Assuring Brand Visibility by Deploying Customized Strategies & Holistic Research Methodology

Back in the early twentieth century when John Rockefeller, the critic-bearer of ‘Ludlow Massacre’, asked Ivy Lee for help in fixing his public image, Lee employed traditional media outreach concept to develop a strategy that changed his first client’s image from business tycoon to people’s man. Through the years, PR has moved from broadcast model to an engagement model where professionals focus on constant two-way conversation with media; endorsing this situation PRCAI report reveals that PR industry grew 18 percent with the contribution of digital, social media and content-driven campaigns, thus reaching the target of Rs. 1315 crore in 2017.

Relishing this crowd-pulling upswing in the industry, TYC Communication established in 2011 by Geeta Singh (Founder & Director), delivers complete branding solutions across a vast range of media and communication platforms (print, electronics, and digital) through advanced tools and strategies. A master of translation services, TYCC received accreditation for translating and publishing several books authored by Acharya Balkrishna (CEO, Patanjali Group) in 120 foreign languages.

The company is renowned for building rewarding strategies and suggestions, empower clients to raise their stature in the industry and society as well.
Geeta Singh,Founder & Director

Geeta Singh

Founder & Director

TYC Communication vests keen emphasis on concocting an impressive brand image by deploying comprehensive communication strategies, holistic research and formulates tactics as per the specific clientele needs

“Being a socially responsible company, TYC Communication has always supported the social causes and their change agents, be it a campaign related to feminine hygiene or a Roundtable Panel on Child Sex Abuse,” adds Geeta, who received ‘The Young Leadership Award’ at 2nd NIER’s National Excellence Awards in 2017.

Bespoke Branding

TYC Communication evinces expertise in catering to clients of varied industries like education, HR, IT, finance, fashion, lifestyle, FMCG, and health. The company vests keen emphasis on concocting an impressive brand image by deploying comprehensive communication strategies, holistic research and formulates tactics as per the specific clientele needs.
“As the content is the soul of branding, we make consistent efforts to bridge the gap between client and media by designing bespoke strategies and PR tools to suffice short-run and long-run requirements that vary from business to business and person to person,” elucidates Geeta.

Since startups have limited stories to share with the media and the lack of familiarity with PR functions sometimes hampers them from meeting the actual needs of the media, TYC Communication has developed a new approach wherein it creates opportunities for clients not just by studying the industry but also drilling information of the allied industries and target audience. In-house experts, harboring tremendous experience in digital marketing, social media, content marketing and translation, frame innovative strategies and utilize online, traditional and digital analytical tools that help the brand achieve desired mileage, reputation, ROI and assures clarity, accuracy and cost advantage.

Ennobling Performance

From media pitching to profiling, customized stratagem is the need of the PR and TYC Communication takes care of every minute detail while pursuing this task. Comprehending this, it once strategized a campaign on behalf of Innefu Labs wherein mainstream media was informed about cyber security and promoted the importance of multifactor authentication systems over the internet, the result of which was highly effective as institutions like RBI and CRPF are now using Innefu Labs’ services. No wonder, this Delhi-based company has grown swiftly with annual revenue growth of 100 percent! “Having growth plans in the pipeline, we are determined to be ranked among the top 10 PR companies in India and are focused to achieve this goal within next five years,” concludes Geeta.