Thin-i Branding Solutions: Amalgamating Modern Execution with Traditional Wisdom

Kinnari Gala,FounderIt’s no secret that consistency in communication & experience is the hallmark of a successful brand, without which a brand would wither in today’s attention deficit world. Consistency however doesn’t germinate overnight; it’s a collective outcome of setting right brand strategy & foundation, bringing them to life, and continuously monitoring the influence for future amelioration. This in fact takes deep communication experience & expertise across digital & print mediums, immense industry knowledge and complete comprehension of aspirant-brand’s business. Precisely, this embraces the story of Thin-i Branding Solutions – a creative, solutions-led, innovative and agile branding firm based out of Mumbai.

Modern Execution & Traditional Wisdom
Thin-i came into existence in 2012 with a pure traditional customer-centric branding & communication foundation, inherited from its core team that carries demand generation experience right from the non-digital days of advertising. Believing that the modern execution backed with traditional wisdom can take brands to a whole new level, the company later on augmented a digital wing. This is why, today, while most of the digital marketing agencies grapple with dearth of content-curation, communication, and branding expertise, Thin-i excels in it, and in turn has emerged as a trusted brand custodian, predominantly for SMEs. “For any brand-building campaign to achieve its sole objective, it’s of paramount importance to have the basics in place, and that’s exactly what we do! We help companies get their basic ABCD (Advertising, Branding, Communication and Design) right,” elucidates Kinnari Gala, Founder, Thin-i Branding Solutions.

While its forte remains in creating strategies & communication, Thin-i tailor-makes ROI-oriented integrated branding solutions, which amalgamate print and digital (ATL and BTL) proficiency, and thus encrusting over the entire life cycle of brand-building. Its offerings start from devising the master plan for
success, to laying the basic foundation right by concreting the basics, and bringing the ideas to life by executing the strategies to perfection. Moreover, it monitors & preserves the consistency in communication to ensure intact brand perseverance.

Thin-i tailor-makes ROI-oriented integrated branding solutions, which amalgamate print and digital (ATL and BTL) proficiency, and thus encrusting over the entire life cycle of brand-building

In order to hit their revenue targets, demand generation agencies often bank on clients’ media spends, which in turn makes them media or platform centric, resulting in constrained exposure of campaigns. Breaking all such shackles, Thin-i acts as an elixir to its clients by being purely customer centric (not media or platform centric), and enabling them utmost brand visibility through every possible channel and platform (online & offline). “Since each company needs a unique branding strategy tailor-made for their business, we ceaselessly manifest our impeccable ability to understand the industry and present what is best for client’s business,” adjoins Kinnari.

Quality – the Mantra
However, it doesn’t end there. Being completely transparent in its operations, Thin-i travels an extra mile to monitor the influence of its campaigns and business growth the client received. Abreast of ensuring successful branding, this practice in fact significantly helps the company to evaluate the end-consumers’ responses to their communication methods, and leverage the right ones in future. In terms of transparency, Kinnari further adds, “Being a process-driven agency with a set SOPs & KRAs for every department, all our campaign-activities are measured, tracked, monitored & co-related with the clients’ business results through a dedicated quality team, whether it is creating awareness, capturing data, generating leads or closing a sale”. This delicate method arms Thin-i with exemplary quality standards, which is why the company is all set to get its processes ISO certified.

En Route to the Future
Thin-i trusts in the adage, ‘bigger the dream, more important is the team & their happiness’,and hence focuses
on its team’s professional & personal development right from health and wealth to spiritual growth. Indeed, attending webinars and live seminars of internationally acclaimed gurus also help Thin ians to place their clients on top. “The core team is our backbone. I am also thankful to my Business Coaches - Parag Shah (Flame University, Pune), Vishal Shah, Chirag Shah & Komal Deshpande from Midas India for being an integral part of our growth. They have given my journey a new perception,” adjoins Kinnari. “I would thank my life coaches Dr. Meghan Dikshit, Nayan Agarwal and Anupam Dubey of De Mantraa for introducing me to their unique take on Human Potential. Their support has helped Thin-i speed up existing plans and expanded our Horizons. (this needs to be written as per your tonality),” she further adds.

A proactive leader who brought home the ‘Digital Woman Award’ by She The People, for leadership & marketing in 2016, Kinnari today personally engages with major mass media institutes countrywide not only to keep abreast with the latest trends and learn what brand building means to the upcoming generation, but also to scout for fresh talent with right attitude. Under the aegis of this new-gen leader with traditional expertise, the company is all set to widen its horizon. Having grown at an impressive 100 percent year-on-year thus far, Thin-i is looking forward to increase its geographical footprints to two more cities in a couple of years. “We want to associate with more than 100 SMEs and wish to be one of the key pillars in their growth. That's another kick I get from being an entrepreneur. Being a job creator is extremely satisfying,” concludes Kinnari.

Key Management:
Kinnari Gala, Founder
The visionary leader of Thin-I, Kinnari brings in a decade of experience, working with startups as well as big daddies of advertising.

Office: Mumbai

• Brand Strategy
- Brand Architecture, Planning & Positioning, Value Proposition Development, and Digital Strategy
• Brand Basics
- Brand Identity, Name, Positioning & Guideline, and Company Profile & Presentation
• Brand Activation
- Website Development, Marketing Collateral, and Advertising Campaigns