Thinking Hat: Cementing Your Brand's Presence within the Digital Realm

K.Sudheer Reddy,MD& Founder

K.Sudheer Reddy

MD& Founder

Quite often brands forget to refine their marketing strategies to stay aligned with the contemporary practices and stay on the industry’s pulse where traditional marketing often poses the age old issue of low turnaround and revenue generation. Digital marketing and presence strategies are entirely different concepts, leading the marketing paradigm. Understanding this rather uncommon common sense is Hyderabad based Thinking Hat. The agency, through its coveted blend of digital marketing and creative advertising services, once helped a poignant higher education consultant Storm Overseas create impactful campaigns and generate quantitative lead generation through its expertise in Search Ads and Display Ads. This resulted in the total earning of Rs.2,034,176.84, 12,025,711 impressions and 98, 021 clicks. “We devise and tailor-make our strategy as per our client requirement. We deliver the results and govern the performance of the activities,” states K.Sudheer Reddy, MD & Founder, Thinking Hat.

A Fresh Ideation
As the physical world has shrunken to consumers’ laptops and smartphones, organizations can
now easily track the customers and get in touch with them. Considering this, Thinking Hat’s team (40 assiduous professionals including artists, developers, digital marketers and business developers) brings in a fresh perspective with lead generation activities to generate potential enquiries for the services and further facilitates them to attract more customers to visit the website from the enquiries’ source, while simultaneously working on amplifying the brand’s image to positive levels. Its thorough research plays significant role in grasping the existing position of client’s company, and aiding the experts devise strategy most beneficial to the brand as well as more appealing to the target audience. “With our Strategy, Branding & Consulting services, we develop innovative strategies & experiences and constantly explore new ways to empower our clients to disrupt the market and reach new heights,” remarks Sudheer. These strategies are subsequently implemented after A/B testing.

With our Strategy, Branding & Consulting services, we develop innovative strategies & experiences and constantly explore new ways to empower our clients to disrupt the market

Its Digital Marketing & Advertising umbrella encompasses SEO (increases website traffic and enhances keyword positions in search engine results), Search
Engine Marketing (paid marketing activities that will generate potential enquiries), Social Media Engagement (enhances brand awareness in social media channels), content marketing (promoting client’s services through content) and e-mail marketing (helps clients to constantly stay in touch with existing clients, and generate new enquiries).

Unique Methodologies
Post the end-to-end marketing offering, Thinking Hat analyses the results & performance through its intrinsic understanding & offering of Data Analytics and revises the implemented strategies if required. Sudheer further adds, “We leverage latest technologies like Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, and Webmaster tools, besides paid tools to analyze the client website and traffic details. Every member of our team resonates passion in their work, ensuring keen attention to detail on every project”.

Having catered to some of the biggest names in the health, education, automobiles, retail and several other sectors, Thinking Hat has carved a niche for itself in this competitive industry. With a rock solid background in advertising & marketing at NICC and Creative Communication degree from Loyola Academy, Sudheer is the driving force behind the innovation at Thinking Hat. Leaning against his wisdom and the entire team’s relentless servicing, the organisation is now working towards expansion, and increasing its service footprint across major Indian cities.