Torrent Advertisers: A Renowned and Recognized Name within OOH Industry in Odisha

Mr. Yagyansis Mohapatra,Managing Partner

Mr. Yagyansis Mohapatra

Managing Partner

No matter how advanced internet is or how trendier the on-line ads are, whenever there is need to highlight a product or feature, companies turn to OOH advertising. With a promise of reaching out to maximum consumers of all age groups, irrespective of day and night constraints, outdoor advertising has not lost a bit of its charm but has only grown profoundly acclimatizing new trends and technologies. Determined to redefine the domain of the OOH industry, the idea of Torrent Advertisers was envisaged by Yagyansis Mohapatra in the year 1991, after the International Trade fair, organized by him and his friends. Premeditated by a bunch of young management graduates, although the trade fair was commercially successful, was financially futile which inspired Yagyansis Mohapatra to start Torrent Advertisers in 1996, along with his partner N Dash. An ingenious name in the OOH industry in Odisha, Torrent Advertisers is still flourishing impeccably, after 21 inclusive years in the outdoor advertising sector.

During the early days of inception of Torrent Advertisers, Selvel, a leading outdoor advertising company was dominating the market of OOH in Bhubaneswar, out focusing the areas beyond the capital. As a budding local company, Torrent Advertisers took this factor as an opportunity to cover the entire perimeter of the state; and with bamboo and
wooden hoardings, along with a bunch of carpenters and painters, ventured into the market by establishing 6 offices across Odisha. Now a leading company with 3500 hoardings in every nook and corner of the state, along with the borders of Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, and Chhattisgarh, Torrent Advertisers has been declared as the pioneer of outdoor advertising in odisha by The Times of India.

As Odisha belongs to one of the most natural calamity prone states which witnesses super cyclones and floods, most of the structures and hoardings either get disfigured or get uprooted completely. To renovate these structures and hoardings Torrent Advertisers has recently obtained machinery which can be used for digging a hole in the ground, erecting a structure, and lifting the heavy lights above the structures for installation. Keen to adopt novel frameworks and techniques to provide the clients quality services at the earliest, Yagyansis Mohapatra, Founder, Torrent Advertiser mentions, "We were using Tin hoardings initially but now we are using flex hoardings, which we manufacture and print by our own because we believe in providing quality output to our clients. We have also created an electronics division for outdoor advertising to dub the advertisements of corporate sectors into Odia language for telecasting in local Odia channels."

An ingenious name in OOH industry in Odisha, Torrent Advertisers is still flourishing impeccably, after 21 inclusive years in the outdoor advertising sector

One of the largest suppliers of hoardings for the east coast railways throughout the state, Torrent Advertisers has taken the sole advertising tender in districts of Odisha such as Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Puri, Balasore, Sambalpur, Berhampur and many more, providing Trivision, LED, Kiosks, Billboards, and unipole hoardings. Looking forward to expand the business across the neighbouring states, Yagyansis Mohapatra, Founder, Torrent Advertisers states, "Sometimes due to intervention of govt. in roadside works or some properties, we have to lose 20-25 hoardings in a single day, for this reason, we want to acquire tenders for railways and airports, so that we can work in a monopoly without any disturbance by surrendering our tax and license. And this will also be an achievement for the company, as we will be intensifying our territories across Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and West Bengal. We have put tenders for all these places and currently waiting for the results."