Totem PR: The Name to Reckon with for PR Services in Telangana & AP

KM Sreenivasulu, DirectorThe biggest takeaway of a PR campaign is, it doesn’t have retakes. The entire exercise could be a huge opportunity loss and major loss of face in front of media, if you have not planned and invested in the right agency. An insightful expertise in the segment, exhaustive understanding of media and its functioning and excellent rapport with journalists play a critical role not only in devising sublime strategies, but also revamping strategies amidst the campaign. This embraces the story of Totem PR - a full-fledged and steadfast PR Agency with over 18 years of hands on experience in the segment, which has well-spread its services across Telangana & Andhra Pradesh with the highest number of PR staffs in this region who cumulate over 75 years of experience.

Heritage& Trust
Leveraging its knowledge repository and persistence with the task being undertaken, Totem has been associated with several momentous events in the region for top notch national and international clients (like Apollo Hospitals, LV Prasad Eye Institute, Walt Disney TV, DELL, Wipro, NASDAQ and Airtel)across a wide spectrum of
verticals like Service, Manufacturing, IT and other Industries, which itself is a testimony to its ability and insight. Not to mention its thorough media knowledge across the two states and personal rapport with journalists at various levels. “Passion and commitment to the job makes us accessible to the media anytime they need any information /input, which has built the trust and in turn makes them accessible to us as well,” asserts KM Sreenivasulu, Executive Director, Totem PR.

Passion and commitment to the job makes us accessible to the media anytime they need any information /input, which has built the trust and in turn makes them accessible to us as well

Totem also boasts of its crisis management expertise, through its ability to comprehend the client's perspective and present a logical case to the media, this often helps to convince the media to cease from giving a negative viewpoint or at least mitigate the damage to the extent possible. Banking on its PR intelligence Totem guides and educates clients on the right PR mix for the campaign to succeed and if need be revises the strategy mid-stream to achieve the desired results. While giving pragmatic expectations to the clients, it simultaneously stretches its delivery for better outcomes and thereby exceeds the client's expectations. Most clients
appreciate this, which in turn generates enormous goodwill for the company. Totem renders its comprehensive PR services with utmost professionalism, spanning over hosting press conferences (both select & full-fledged), media interactions and press releases.

"Something which we rarely see in our industry and we practice proactively is, taking notes at the press conference and mail the transcript to media who couldn’t attend or were late,”opines Sreenivasulu. Performing this simple task helps Totem to raise the bar and garner better media coverage than what would have been possible otherwise. In addition, the company also strives to engender interest in media by recognizing what appeals to them in the event. For instance, it often elicits unexplored inputs from the clients and passes on to the reporters." This strategy has worked big time in generating better mileage for clients. We are considered to be press release specialists too and several clients come to us specifically for the cost effective tool of release dissemination," he adds.

En Route to the Future
After close to two decades, Totem today has become the clincher of PR programs within the two states, chosen by clients from pan India. Having amassed a turnover of Rs.8.9 crore in FY2016-17, Totem has no plans to release the accelerator pedal, instead it intends to expand its network by having offices at Vijayawada and Vizag without much delay, as the demand for PR services is skyrocketing in these regions.