Unbound B2B: A Go-to Name for B2B Digital Marketing Services

Rameshwar (Ram) Sahu,   CEOWhile B2C brands have been aggressively using digital marketing services to reach and sell to their target customers, lately, more and more B2B businesses are realizing the need and importance of using digital tools to generate leads and grow their business. Hence, there is a demand for performance marketing services with an expertise on B2B lead generation. Founded in 2016, UnboundB2B is a 100 percent pay for performance lead generation company with a focus and expertise of consulting B2B clients.

The firm develops and executes several digital marketing strategies to boost online brand awareness for their clients. UnboundB2B achieves this by helping enterprise and technology companies shorten their sales cycle with targeted demand generation and lead generation services.

CEO, Rameshwar (Ram) Sahu says, “Marketers usually overwhelm the clients by bombarding them with information about various features and services. This may come across as pushy and impersonal. At UnboundB2B, the focus is always on understanding the client inside out, allowing us to formulate customized content based on client’s pin points and expectations.” Ditching the stereotype that B2B marketing is boring, the firm uses a magical blend of effective copywriting, design, and creativity to skillfully
engage prospective clients right through discovery phase to conversion.

The experienced team at UnboundB2B realizes the importance of focusing on in-market buyers via using technology to identify leads who are showing intent. The skilled professionals realize the difficulty of engaging consumers across multiple channels, on multiple devices from different IP addresses. Hence, campaigns are designed using effective identity strategy, to be hard-hitting, unique, and highly targeted, resulting in 5x CTRs on campaigns leaving their competitors far behind.

While designing campaigns the team at UnboundB2B focuses on efficient content distribution, it’s an underrated metric which a lot of agencies do not track. Ram mentions, “We make sure to nurture all the most qualified leads through maintaining constant dialog and communication. Quick response to queries is critical. It is important for the sales team to build upon the story built via marketing.” Another competency that sets UnboundB2B apart from competition is their stringent multistage lead qualification process which ensures success with every lead delivered to the client.

UnboundB2B provides complete digital marketing solutions for their B2B clients, from top of funnel to bottom of the funnel lead with 99% accuracy rate. However, their core strength lies in developing top-of-the-funnel marketing solutions using tools like demand generation & intent-based targeted campaigns. The firm usually develops customs CRM tools for their clients to provide highly customizable and scalable lead generation solution. The firm is equipped with data capabilities with deep domain knowledge, allowing it to provide high quality customized solutions.

The Road Ahead
Founded in 2016, slowly UnboundB2B has grown to become a credible B2B lead generation company with over 270+ employees with clients spread across USA and India. Talking about the highly competitive digital space, CEO Ram says, “We rolled out rigorous social media, email and content marketing activities in 2021 and registered impressive results that placed our company as the 'go to' firm for B2B marketing solutions.”

The company is now planning to grow its client base by entering the Middle Eastern & European markets. Slowly they are expanding their footprint with offices opening shortly in Dubai and Europe. The firm usually develops customs CRM tools for their clients to provide highly customizable and scalable lead generation solution. With Unbound developed custom CRM to provide highly customizable and scalable lead generation solution.