Vritti Solutions: Assuring 360-Degree Media Solutions for Corporate Firms in India & Overseas

Veerendra Jamdade <span>&  Rajesh Radhakrishnan</span>,Founder<span>s</span>
Creating awareness and providing proper exposure is essential for the success of a product and a brand. Making a product is one thing but making people want to buy that product is an entirely different scenario. If you don't use proper marketing and promotional activities to create hype and buzz around that product no one will even care about it even if the product is good. The most effective and efficient marketing tool that one can use is advertising. With an estimated growth that could exceed 10 billion US dollars in 2019, the advertising sector in India is providing a wide range of services to ensure that your products don't go unseen in the market. The most recognizable subsidiary in the advertising sector is outdoor advertising. Even with the advent of digital media and online advertising, outdoor advertising has always managed to attract the audience and create awareness. With the innovation's happening in the field, outdoor advertising still remains the go to medium of advertisements for many companies. Set up by Veerendra Jamdade and Rajesh Rad-hakrishnan, Vritti Solutions started its journey as an Advertising solution provider in 2005.

In a field with lots of competitions, Vritti Solutions has managed to set a niche for itself. The quality of their service along with the optimum utilization of available resources has helped the firm in setting themselves free from the chasing pack. While things were not this easy and straight forward for Vritti Solutions in the beginning, the firm has come a long way since its inception. Elaborating on this, Veerendra, CEO says, "We seen our own bits of struggles in the beginning to get proper funding and all the initial expenses were paid from our
pockets itself. Building a team was also hard for us because of our unique working policy. However, we have come a long way since the inception."

Recognized for offering unique and innovative outdoor advertising solution through a mix of technology and consumer insights, Vritti Solutions also offers IT solutions, audio and digital advertising. Their crowning project is the `Audio Wala bus stand' which is the largest audio network for promoting brands and services in transit places. In India where a lot of innovations are taking place in the advertising sector, Vritti solutions stands out from the rest with their innovative approaches and class leading technological expertise. The firm provides 360-degree solutions for its clients which includes everything, right from conceptualization to implementation.

Rajesh Radhakrishnan,CMO/Founder Director

Today, Vritti Solutions has made it a mission to make their customers happy and the firm never hesitates to go an extra mile to make it happen. Talking about their clients and their requirements Rajesh Radhakrishnan, Director of HR and Marketing says, "When clients approach us for outdoor campaigns they always want that to happen in a pristine location to get maximum publicity. Now-a-days, brands want advertisements with which they can connect with their audience on an emotional level, so identifying how to initiate this connection between the brand and the customer sometimes brings unique challenges. However, to be the best you have to work with the best, this is the truth when it comes to Vritti Solutions."

In India where a lot of innovations are taking place in the advertising sector, Vritti solutions stands out from the rest with their innovative approaches and class leading technological expertise

With their clientele including names like like Godrej, Parle, Emami, Zee Cinema, Mahindra Tractors, Eicher Tractors, State Bank of India, Vritti Solutions is a renowned name in its domain. Currently based out of Pune, in the years to come, the founding members plan to take Vritti to other states of the country. At the same time, Vritti Solutions is looking at the Asian and African markets as well.