White Thoughts & Branding: Redefining Brands with Human Intelligence

PradeepCH, Founder&Director,RajuKandakatla& SrividyaPinapala, Directors

PradeepCH, Founder&Director

RajuKandakatla& SrividyaPinapala, Directors

MAA Television, a recognized regional GEC Telugu channel, embarked on a journey 6 years ago to become a brand with a highly established presence. White Thoughts and Branding (WhiteThoughts) were a part of this journey from the very beginning. The objective was to create a firm footing for the brand and solidify its identity within the industry. Today MAA Television (Star MAA) is a giant in the entertainment sector. WhiteThoughts played an integral part in reinforcing that identity. Thanks to its internal and external communication strategies incorporating schemes like designing of the in-house newsletter ‘Imagine’, conceptualization of creatives for the annual ‘CineMAA Awards’, and executing advertising campaigns among others.

WhiteThoughts follows a creative process that begins with a ‘HI’. HI encompasses the most important part of a creative strategy, i.e. Human Intelligence. A complete creative communications agency, WhiteThoughs brings a brand to life through that extraordinary balance
of inspiration and insight found in Human Intelligence. The agency is
presently the best in the brand consultancy space and a matador competing with many in the advertising arena. It flaunts a matchless synchrony of communication specialists, exorbitant expertise, and industry experience under the aegis of Pradeep CH (Founder & Director), and Raju Kandakatla &SrividyaPinapala (Directors).

Excelling through its unique approach to idea generation, WhiteThoughts boasts of rendering both brand consultancy and advertising under one roof

Crossroad of Creative Communications
Excelling through its unique approach to idea generation, WhiteThoughts boasts of rendering both brand consultancy and advertising under one roof as diverse solutions with two independent teams of different operations. “Strategy and creativity are undoubtedly our greatest weapons and we pride in owning a stronghold of both. WhiteThoughts creative conceptualization is the best as most clients come through referrals,” reckons Raju priding in its research analysis and strategy with a deeper market understanding of South India. For instance, when the textile tycoon Chennai Silks was in search of the strategic strength and support for the launch of its upcoming flagship store in Hyderabad, WhiteThoughts bagged the opportunity over a dozen other agencies with its interesting
proposition portraying deep insights about the market and customer psyche, in positioning the brand in Hyderabad.

Working closely by the principle of merging market insight and creativity, WhiteThoughts offers complete solutions to brand building through the two avenues of mainstream media and films, with its own panel of professional photographers, and digital media. The digital end of the agency gives the brand a 360 degree spin off. The digital space is used to give a brand experiential value, with social media platforms playing a vital role in creating an interaction for the brand.

Accredited by Indian Newspaper Society (INS) in Hyderabad and empaneled with State Governments of both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, WTB exercises media planning and buying by identifying and planning for the right platforms and budgets.

Unleashing Ideas and Expertise
WhiteThoughts is set up with the technical acumen of the tools and softwares that enable necessary AR solutions for a brand. The company is sworn to protecting data and privacy of clients. Bestowed with 60 plus National and Regional awards like Pepper Awards, PRCI, and ADEX Awards, the agency caters to client verticals comprising of Real-Estate, Health-care, Education, Hospitality and Retail. WhiteThoughts and Branding currently have offices in Hyderabad and Delhi and are also looking to enter Mumbai. With over a decade of experience and expertise, they are perfectly positioned in their ambition to establish a nationwide presence.