Whoa Mama Design: Helping Brands Grow & Thrive in the Industry

Shaun D'Sa  & Anek Ahuja , Co-FoundersGone are those days when customers and clients used to view the business through a keyhole. The competition has widened it up, and today, instead of just buying a product or a service, they are looking for brand experience and connection. Besides in today’s competitive business world, companies need to adopt creative strategies and innovations in their operations in order to survive the challenges of the ever expanding global market. Here comes the need for an intelligent, client oriented branding and design firm, which can optimize an organization’s marketing potential. One such connoisseur in branding is Whoa Mama Design (WMD), which offers best-in-class services to clients while helping them achieve their business goals.

With a presence of more than 14 years in the industry, WMD has cemented its hold in the branding & advertising space as one of the leading organizations that operates as a highly professional partner for branding, designing and creative communication solutions. With an excellent understanding of the customers’needs at the grass root level, WMD with its solution driven approach offers end-to-end services to address not only the current, but also the evolving business needs
of the clients. “We start by creating a strong and unique positioning for the brand, and apply the positioning across the spectrum from branding to marketing. This truly helps the brands we build to standout in their own market,” boasts Anek Ahuja, Co-Founder, WMD.

Comprehensive Services
With an aim to create consistency in a brand’s messaging, WMD offers an array of market leading services to handle allaspects of communication. Right from setting-up a brand with its Logo websites brochures, signages and environmental graphics, to managing a 360 degree approach on marketing, which includes communication for TV, Print, Outdoor and digital marketing.

WMD with its solution driven approach offers end-to-end services to address not only the current, but also the evolving business needs of the clients

WMD concentrates on nurturing the brand. The firm literally considers the brand as a baby, and just like a child’s parent, WMD devotes its care & attention to the brand. “Everything we do springs from one simple rule: your brand is our baby. Everyone at WMD lives and breathes this to ensure the brands we build thrive to their fullest extent,” states Shaun D’Sa, Co-Founder, WMD.

WMD believes in creating a strong creative environment and culture for its team that comprises of highly experienced and dedicated workforce of creative minds, artists, designers, strategists, writers and servicing, who take care of the entire processes and operations with highest efficiency.

Looking Forward for a Stronger Tomorrow
With 14 years under the belt, WMD has catered to almost all industries & categories, including cinema, automotive, hospitality retail, education, IT, sports & lifestyle fashion, and more. To date some of the noteworthy brands that WMD has worked with are Flipkart, TI Cycles, X1 Racing, Palam Silks, K7 Antivirus, Ashok Leyland, SIP Abacus and more. “Today, we are deeply rooted in Chennai, with clients and support offices in Mumbai and New York. We plan on expanding our offices and growing our team strength to be able to better support the brands we work with on a National & Global level,” concludes Anek.