Xpose Advertising: Incorporating a Humane Element to Your Brand

Sanjib Mohanty,, FounderWith companies taking a more humane approach towards marketing and advertising, there is a visible change in the dynamics of growth strategy where the line bordering consumers and brands is slowly blurring. Bhubaneswar-based Xpose Advertising is one of the rare ‘Brand Expression agencies’ that are helping clients build a personal rapport with the media and the end consumers. Regarded as ‘Beyond PR’ organisation by its customers, it crosses over the conventional realm of public relations and offers intuitive services by blending creation & delivery of a conceptual brand, eventually aligning it with the consumer requirements without losing its core essence. “Our brand creation services begin by defining the company’s essence, or brand platform. We then build upon that platform creating concepts, story and campaigns that leverage the power of both traditional and social media channels in our brand delivery services”.

While many agencies fail to mitigate zero hour crisis, Xpose through its crisis communication expertise ensures a well balanced statement while highlighting its clients’ prowess

The Powerhouse of Innovation
Incepted by Sanjib Mohanty(Founder)in 2002, Xpose boasts of an admirable presence in the Odisha media circuit and amicable relations among the industry stakeholders. No wonder, while many agencies fail to mitigate zero hour crisis, Xpose through its crisis communication expertise ensures a well balanced statement while highlighting its clients’ prowess. Thanks to its comprehensive PR tool kit,it undertakes an end-to-end strategy (from planning to execution)to enable an exclusive visibility for the brand among the press in an efficient and economic manner. Moreover, by creating a framework resting on the pillars of communication & strategy development, campaign planning and precision delivery, Xpose understands the client’s requirements & industry in detail, and subsequently syncs the brand strategy with the consumers’ requirement through publicity tools like exhibitions, media collaterals, content collaterals and news releases.
This helps build a positive aura around the client company, highlighting its contribution towards the upliftment of the ingenious community, their socio-economic development, and infrastructural development amongst several others.

Till date, Xpose team has designed highly proficient programmes for clients like Khimji Jewellers, Mahindra and Mahindra(Odisha)and many others, reflecting their business strategies and driving their commercial growth. Furthermore, through press releases, press interviews and media events, it establishes an unmistakable link between the media and the client, focusing on the desired outcome,creative ideas and initiatives to stay relevant and contribute to the growth value. These contemporary ideas are supported by its deployment of emerging digital platforms and the in-vogue mobile technology that optimizes the PR worthy searches in matter of seconds, yielding a measurable marketing PR impact which is the underlying goal for every client."Being a part of the technology driven society, the companies do a disservice to themselves by not utilizing the innovations at hand," adds Sanjib. With experience and expertise by its side, the company grew from a team of four to 22 within 10 years and envisions scaling further heights in future.