Zeno Group: Where Creative Communication Meets Technology for a Profound Brand Visibility

Ranjeev Vij,MD, Zeno Group, India

Ranjeev Vij

MD, Zeno Group, India

In an attention deficit world, where communication strategies are going obsolete with the blink of an eye, maintaining a brand presence no more relies on brochures & other contemporary tools, but on the intrinsic blend of technology and human emotions of relatability and familiarity. Incepted in 1998, Zeno Group is bringing a paradigm shift by fearlessly pursuing the market’s unexplored dimensions and breaking the mould by bridging the art of storytelling and the science of data analysis.

Through its ground-breaking propriety approach 'Performance Communications', the senior-led hybrid team delivers memorable, measurable, holistic and optimized communications by creating narratives that are smart and not just loud. Zeno's integrated award-winning campaigns are renowned for exhibiting the most exemplary earned media marketing based on targeting, and harnessing the power of data and insights, to create content in all formats work harder, landing coverage and content with the right people in the right channel at the right time. The agency focuses on audience mapping intelligence, real-time channel data & audience metrics, and impact assessments(quantitative & qualitative), which allows it to harness data to inform strategy,
assess progress, and ensure tangible business outcomes. “These analyses are based on our core value of being human, where we delve into a deeper understanding of people’s relationships with the brands,” explains Ranjeev Vij, MD, Zeno Group India.

These analyses are based on our core value of being human, where we delve into a deeper understanding of people’s relationships with the brands

Being Fearless & Pragmatic
Interestingly, for a globally integrated communications agency born from PR, Zeno is an anomaly in the industry, thanks to its privately held nature with single P&L, fierce independence, and global but midsize approach. By understanding client’s business goals and strategizing their media & government relations, thought leadership programs, crises mitigation, content marketing across channels, employee value proposition and influencer approach, Zeno has carved a niche for itself in the big league with clients like Lenovo, Motorola, Times Internet, Nike, Levi’s, Ducati, and many others. Zeno Group continues to thrive ahead with its nimble & entrepreneurial spirit of a smaller organization with a hands-on senior level attention.

“We help our clients leverage data insights to own relevant cultural moments and create powerful content that drives conversations to deliver impact,” adds Ranjeev. Moreover, with its expertise and experience over the years, and having offices in New Delhi, Mumbai and
Bangalore, Zeno Group has developed a wide network of top journalists from broadcast, print, and digital, that paves the much needed path to extensive audiences for the brands looking at expanding their customer base. In case of adversities, every employee is trained in lieu of the Zeno Seismic, a next generation crisis management and an integrated approach that blends the agency’s proven and experienced crisis strategy with cutting-edge digital and insights-driven tools, to deliver more focused & faster services in situations like product recalls, activist actions, boycott threats, supply chain failures, corporate fraud, and many others.

Zeno Group is guided by its North Star – Fearless Pursuit of the Unexpected and that’s their rallying cry and the standard to which they hold themselves and their work. It takes great pride in its culture. Talk to any Zenoid and walk into any Zeno office around the world and you feel it right away. From the bright green walls and ‘bad ass’ awards to the fearless bracelets that adorn their wrists and the dedication to work hard and play even harder, they want Zeno - the 'Green Machine' - to be a place for the boldest and the brightest. The agency invests in programs and activities for a thriving culture where careers are built, and lives are lived. Its annual ‘Tour De Zeno’ facilitates deserving Zenoids an opportunity to work from any global Zeno office, thus helping them connect across the network and share best practices between the home and host offices. “We hope to continue being one of the world’s truly great agencies, doing award-winning, industry-leading, transformational work for the most admired brands, while fiercely protecting our culture and the values that define us,” concludes Ranjeev.