New Trends in Digital Advertising

Umang Mathur, Founder & CEO, iMedia NetworksWith the numerous benefits that Digitization comes with, the rise in social media marketing is note worthy. And with changes being made, a new era of Digital Advertising has evolved. The face of advertising has changed since the first advertisement of Bombay Dyeing in India on Doordarshan. Let's take a look at the latest advertising trends on digital advertising platform:

1) Mobile Ads Generating More Revenue than Desktop Ads: Today, everyone is switching from desktops to mobiles for work mobility. From little kids to old grandparents, everyone owns a mobile, and advertising agencies know how to take advantage of this shift. The number of mobile users is more compared to Desktop users, and as a result in the advertising world, it generates more revenue.

2) Outstream Videos: Outstream video is a new type of ad format that allows publishers to show video ads outside of actual video players, in text line or the corners of a web page. Now you may not have heard about this, but the increase in the usage of Outstream videos is remarkable. Annoyance with the obstruction that ads seem to create for the users, Outstream videos is a way out of it benefitting both, users and advertisers.

3) Increase in the Number of Mobile Ad Blockers: According to a research conducted by Page Fair, more than 400 million users globally block ads on mobile compared to 200 million desktop users. With more and more people finding ads to be intrusive and annoying, the number of downloads for ad blocker software is increasing. As a loophole, many subscription services have started asking for money in turn of ad free experience.

4) Google & Facebook are on the Top of their Class: The number of internet users is increasing, and the need for speedy services too is. As a solution to this, Google specially created AMP and ALP service and Facebook introduced Instant Article which instantly loaded the pages!

In this fast paced world where no one has the time to look back, they make you take a look at their ads. How can it get any better than this for advertisers?

5) More UserFriendly Interface: CustomerBusiness interaction lies at the foundation of Marketing. More interactive the websites and advertisements are, more informative it is to the consumers. A wellinformed customer will never hesitate to invest. Whether your business is that of chemicals or clothes, it is very important to educate your customers about it. It's time to take some benefits from the erased boundaries of Digitization.

6) Chatbox & Chatbots: From the chat obsession that teens have, to reading of philosophical banter by elders, chatboxes like Whatsapp, Facebook and WeChat are taking over. It one of the easiest and most effective means of advertising these days. Facebook recently introduced a new service wherein it allows you create a chatbot and send them for approval. With over 18,000 Chatbots live on Facebook today, it has given advertising a new direction. So I guess it's time to think about the box and bots, huh?

7) Shorter the Better: Who has the time really to watch long ads today? Most of the time you will see someone cringe when an ad pops up or even a pre-roll. How can this point be used constructively? Simple, make shorter ads! Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram stories can be used very creatively wherein your idea is sold in mere seconds. More than a few brands have successfully carried out campaigns like this.

8) Programmatic Advertising: Programmatic Advertising refers to the use of automated systems and data to make media buying decisions without human interference. After bidding for space, Brands/advertisers set variables based on their target price and market segment. While a web page is loading and an ad space is too, information is sent back and forth to an ad exchange. Space gets auctioned off to the highest bidder, all within a fraction of a second.

9) Startup Success: For young startups, investment in traditional advertising is a huge challenge due to limited budgets and funds. But without effective promotion, a business cannot increase its outreach. With digital advertising, that is not an issue anymore. Startups can target audience over larger boundaries and the cost is comparatively low. Social media plays a very important role in the promotion of businesses and with better services in other areas; managing business over a larger audience is easier.

Thus, in a country with 29 states and 22 major spoken languages, various tools offered by Digitization have brought about harmony via Native Advertising. Almost all the drawbacks of Traditional Advertising are being erased and there are no horizons agencies do not aim to touch. India is the 2nd largest user of internet services and advertisers don't miss a chance to benefit from this. Social media marketing has generated an outstanding response, 88 percent of those who have seen ads on such platforms have clicked and viewed. This Digital Advertising wave has hit the country and has hit it hard, but instead of doing damages, it has changed the outlook of advertising today!