Why strategic brand awareness is essential for every startup?

Kartika is an acclaimed author and PR and media strategist. She has boosted more than 100 startups. She wrote a book on startups, “E for Entrepreneur” that starred the unicorns of India and their quest for survival. She has featured 20 startups that speak of their journey in a descriptive manner that inspires Gen X. In her career span of seven years, her voyage has been incredible, with her share of ups and downs, she has managed to write three books, Startup Kunji, E for Entrepreneur and one for Government of India, E-NAM(yet to be published).

Most of the time, our brand is lying due to the low brand awareness. Here are a few tips on how to raise the bar and make it a brand name.

Brand awareness refers to the familiarity of the brand with the consumers and potential consumers. For this we need to design marketing campaigns, to make them familiar with the world.

What exactly is brand awareness?

• Brand name awareness
• Making people aware that what your product is

How your product is distinct

If you are assessing your brand, do keep in mind the above three most important parameters that define the brand. The right impression of your brand is of utmost importance.

Few more things like a correct public relations campaign that reflects your company’s vision, mission and product differentiation are quintessential. One of the most innovative ways in today's startup world is complementary partnerships. Choose a brand that complements your startup. Like the travel industry is complemented by the airline industry similarly the cosmetics industry especially herbals are accompanied by wellness and yoga. So these sort of relationships work great and one helps each other.

Marketing Your Brand

Make your brand available to all the audience through the marketing initiative, it can be both paid and non paid. This helps your brand to be exposed to the potential target audiences. Also, one of the key things is to create a brand through word of mouth publicity. As we all know Netflix believes in the word of mouth marketing, n with rod production still, everyone spreads the word - organic tagline Netflix and Chill.

I have analyzed almost every startup segment deeply and want to emphasize that doubling on content, SEO, and influencer marketing should be added to each one’s list. Articles that have rich keywords; suppose you are into “Bubble Bath Business”, there are more people who will search "What is a Bubble Bath” or "how to use it" than “Buy Bubble Bath”. One needs to adjust keywords by upgrading keyword ranking.

Embark Your Brand Everywhere

Use extra touch in branding just like Amazon. When we order something online through Amazon you will be sure to tell the packing. So the physical packing has to be attractive.

Online businesses can do wonders with this. Lastly, engage in social media channels and share your knowledge. Nowadays, you can share your views and engage people who are interested in your businesses. Add your customized branding to the infographics.

Remember, Your branding defines your brand.