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  • 20 Most Promising Advertising Technology Companies – 2018

    Advertising is no more the repetitive ‘brought to you by’ on television anymore. Advertising has taken a new interactive concept where people can relate, see, and even feel the concept of the brand and feel it good enough to be integrated into their daily lives. With the turn of digital revolution, branding has become more accessible and convenient. Thanks to the technical reinforcement, advertising is now onmi-channel, reaching out to a wide spread target audience on mobile, laptops, tabs and many others. The technical reinforcements are the agents of change and the organisations, more particularly, the Adtech companies are constantly innovating to bring out global standards of brand communication which is universal for everyone, irrespective of their caste, creed or...

20 Most Promising Advertising Technology Companies – 2018

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Adgebra Adgebra Rohit Bagad, Founder & CEO A unified high impact ad units marketplace offering multi tier targeting across device types with inbuilt audience segments and fraud protection that promises 2X brand viewability, engagement, recall and yield
AdXFactory Media AdXFactory Media Rohit Srivastava, Founder & CEO An eminent tech-media firm offering a digital marketplace infused with extensive technology and dedicated services to generate maximum ROI for advertisers and the best eCPM for publishers
Andbeyondmedia Andbeyondmedia Karan Gupta, CEO Catering to brands, media publications & content creators across the globe offering digital media monetisation, holistic video content & new age brand solutions with technology at its epicentre delivered at scale
App Lift App Lift Tim Koschella, Founder A mobile ad tech company that empowers mobile app advertisers to take control of every stage of the app marketing lifecycl
DigiPerformance DigiPerformance Gyanesh Jha, Partner & Founder By associating with publishers on ad spots or accessing their web traffic, this brand-safe display SSP involves in programmatically monetizing their inventories & delivering them highest yield
Fork Media Fork Media Samar Verma, Founder & CEO A digital solutions company helping brands and publishers through data backed intelligence and tools, assiting clients communicate with the right audience across all platforms
Geek Creative Agency Geek Creative Agency Mayank Agarwal, Founder Geek is a digital creative agency dedicated to finding creative solutions for our clients through strategy, engaging content, innovative design and technology
Ittisa Ittisa Sneh Sharma, Founder & CEO Offering programmatic advertising to help advertisers reach-out to their target audience and gain higher ROI on their marketing strategy
Kritter Kritter Kshitij Sooryavanshi, Founder The company's advertising product line helps digital advertising companies go deeper in the value chain, gain transparency, improve efficiency and reduce recurring costs
Langoor Langoor Ruchir Punjabi, Founder & CEO A digital agency made of creative technologists helping organisations reach their full potential through the intersection of great ideas and technology
MCanvas MCanvas Vishal Rupani, Founder With focus on the mobile platform, the firm is a storytelling platform targeting the millenial generation as the audience and technically reinforces companies working on advertising to this niche audience
OneNative Ads OneNative Ads Deepak Karnani , Co-Founder & Director A native ad & content discovery platform that enables brands to seamlessly scale their native ad campaigns via a single dashboard
Phoenix Advanced Softwares Phoenix Advanced Softwares Amit Mathur, CEO A tech-savvy organization offering customized advertising services
Regalix Regalix Vikas Sharan, CEO A customer acquisition and customer success company re-imagining digital experiences across hi-tech, ad-tech, and retail domains
Streamlyn Media Streamlyn Media Raja Chakraborty & Naveen Kumar Chennala, Co-Founders Changing the paradigm of advertising with technology and global industrial expertise and helping global & vernacular advertisers gain market productivity
Synergy Synergy Vishal Rajani, CEO With expertise and credence in integrated digital marketing, the company is highly proficient in analyzing client requirements and strategizing the deliverables in a comprehensive manner
Tarsan Tarsan Tarun Nayyar, Founder & CEO A performance-based mobile media agency that helps in creating clear & quantifiable value for the customer
Tempest Advertising Tempest Advertising Turab Lakdawala, Managing Directior Taking the concept of advertising more than the mere requirement of marketig and helping brands infuse themselves in the daily lives through integrated and tech based strategies
Vistas Vistas Anthony Dayal, Founder & Managing Director Combining analytical, logical & cognitive capabilities, the team works at creating integrative advertising campaigns that are practical, visually appealing and highly relevant to the brand