Botree: Providing A-Z Branding Solutions Under One Single Roof

Bharat Oswal,Account Director & Planner

Bharat Oswal

Account Director & Planner

Laying its foot down in the market in the early 2012, Botree Communications Pvt. Ltd., has outrun its competitors with due efforts. Rigorous research and an uncompromising approach towards understanding the client’s product, targets and market dynamics and every other nuance has been its secret to success.

Being partners with a client is easy, but proactively working as an integral part of their team and holding substantial strong relationships with them is not, and this is what exactly Botree outstands at. Absorbing the client’s vision as their own, Botree assists them in taking tough calls in their business objectives. Taking all requisite steps in unravelling the perfect method to escalate brand communication lies as the core feature and objective of Botree Communications. Bharat Oswal, Account Director & Planner, states, “By not restricting ourselves to just advertising, we always prefer go the extra mile to accomplish the complete branding process of our clients in tune with their branding initiatives which indeed portrays us as the most capable communication partner in the industry”.
Advertising via Creative Enlightenment
Undertaking enlightenment not just as a spiritual thought but rather as a state of crystal clear mind, Botree effectively utilizes the process of 'Creative Enlightenment' to behold, perceive and implement the ultimate direction for advertising the client's product. From advertising to design,or be it strategy to pin pointed marketing communication, it avidly applies the approach of creative enlightenment to define a single line proposition for branding strategies and ensuring response-sensitive communications.

Botree effectively utilizes the process of ‘Creative Enlightenment’ to behold, perceive and implement the ultimate direction for advertising the client’s product

Crafted under a single roof, Botree’s solutions covers all spheres of advertising and marketing, framed by domain experts specializing in ATL, BTL, media and digital marketing. The art of advertising at Botree begins with defining a communication strategy for the client’s profile. Once their targets are studied and market dynamics are analyzed, the appropriate media mix is chosen. Based on the crafted communication strategy, the team blends science, arts, logic and creativity into design effective stunning creatives, like print ads, collaterals, promo materials, outdoor ads, websites, internet ads, floats and many more. As the next step is
exposing these creatives to the public, Botree studies the profiles of their client’s target groups in multiple areas and reaches out to them using an array of media vehicles like PR publicity, radio jingles, road shows, hoardings, exhibitions, mobile marketing, product display and others.

Strong Internal& External Relationships
Headed by Bharat, who is the quintessential fusion of planner & marketer and Amit Bailke (Creative Director) who holds a treasure trove of creative ideas at the helm, Botree is pre-eminent for its features like being down-to-earth, adapting to industrial challenges and constant learning & relearning. In its journey, this Pune-based agency took a leap of faith in its team and eventually made a mark in the industry by providing its services in Mumbai too. “Only after attaining complete knowledge about the people we work with, both inside and outside the office, we step into transforming our client’s dreams into reality by seamless ideations, strict experimentations and planning and execution besides writing letters to them” elucidates Bharat.

What sailed Botree even through the uncharted waters is its strong, focused and highly engaged team of core members who seamlessly shape their average 6-year ad space experiences and expertise into building conceptual approaches. Ensuring to build relationships internally (preferably youngsters)and externally (strategic alliances), Botree is happy, practical and honest in every step it takes forward and is etched in the minds of customers who consider partnering with them as a habit.