Brandball: Infusing Fresh Air Of Experience Into Brand Building

Ajay Sundaram,  CEO,Snehsikt Anand,  Head Strategy

Ajay Sundaram, CEO

Snehsikt Anand, Head Strategy

In today’s fast, competitive market, companies struggle with limited marketing budget, limiting themselves to single channel-based marketing strategies, and using digital inefficiently. This results in lower ROI and a hard time to minimize respondent spill-over while engaging on-ground. That’s why experiential marketing has become a pivotal part of the brand building exercise. It connects brands and their target audience in a way that seals relationships. However, many experiential marketing companies fail to understand these issues collectively, thus offering silo solutions that fail to meet the target.

“Our planning team takes-up these challenges as the guidelines for developing the communication blueprint. Every idea we develop is cross-checked against these guidelines. Any idea which does not fulfil all the checkboxes is immediately trashed,” explains Ajay Sundaram, CEO, BrandBall, a tech-enabled new-age agency aimed at bringing-in the single point approach for brands which are answerable for their ROI. The company then rolls back to the drawing board and repeats it till it is satisfied with the solutions. “As a true Omnichannel agency, our approach is to understand the brand problem first and then look at the most viable media vehicles rather than the other way around,” adds Snehsikt Anand, Head - Strategy, BrandBall.

Solutions built on Truth & Consumer Insights
Leveraging its team’s unique experience of having worked on multiple channels across categories, Ajay (who comes with 20+ years of experience in experiential marketing, activation and events) and Snehsikt (who has
15+ years of experience in strategy planning, marketing operations and client relationship management) bring a holistic approach towards each client needs. “Our genesis stems from an intriguing psycho-sociological study. We have developed a process that has helped us come-up with disruptive and engaging solutions for our clients. We believe in developing ideas which are simple, direct, engaging and responsible to the marketing ROI,” explains Ajay.

Snehsikt Anand, Head Strategy

Working as a true extension of their clients’ marketing team, this Mumbai-based company with offices in Meerut and Patna makes itself equally responsible for client’s business success. By building solutions based on brand truth and consumer insights, BrandBall strives to develop category firsts with every client that it works on. Adhering to various brand guidelines, government regulations, municipal guidelines and others, the company follows a hub-spoke model of working, which smoothens the process of creating engaging and cost-effective operational framework for the clients. Despite being tech-heavy (AR, VR, holograph, motion sensor, projection mapping and others), BrandBall is never in a hurry to use them until it is sure of the client’s brand’s requirement for such offerings.

By building solutions based on brand truth and consumer insights, BrandBall strives to develop category firsts with every client that it works on

En Route to the Future
Experiential marketing is largely based on interpretations; hence, it is essential to put science in it to enable better results. BrandBall is working on tools for precisely that. These tools will smoothen and better the planning & analytics process and help with data collection for better-authenticated data. No wonder, despite being in operations for even less than a year, this future-forward company has been associated with some of the most successful and influential campaigns of the year. Being quite positive about the future, BrandBall is looking at targeting the brands which have not been spending in the past due to multiple reasons, but the said categories have huge potential of gaining from experiential marketing. That said, the category needs a breath of fresh air and consumer engagement. BrandBall offers exactly that.