BrandStory: Creating a Seamless Digital Journey for Brands

Bala Kumaran,Founder&Director

Bala Kumaran


BrandStory, a digital transformation company, is enabling brands to engage with their audience on the digital medium since 2014. Bala Kumaran founded the agency with a strong sense of belief that brands can immensely benefit from an agency who has the right mix of business strategist and technologists. This Bengaluru-based company believes in addressing the current, and desired goals of a brand with the relevance of a brand's roadmap and market scenario. "We never practice a ready-to-deploy service package on our clients," proclaims Bala Kumaran. BrandStory has seen the digital wave across Bangalore and Chennai markets, creating a sense of urgency in recent. Bala adds, "Back in 2014; the digital scenario was not enticing for small and medium business owners to put efforts or spend for that matter on digital platforms, given the 12 percent of internet penetration in India. But interestingly the entire
digital scene changed in the middle of 2015; we witnessed business owners trying to interpret and adapt digital strategies into their mainstream business. Our approach towards SME owners was to be transparent about their digital journey and road map of their brand. This method instilled confidence in business owners to adapt quickly in however small or bigger ways".

Expanding steadily, BrandStory is bootstrapped, generating revenue at a steady 2X growth rate every quarter. BrandStory serves elite clients such as ValuePro International, A2B (chain of restaurants), BHiVE workspace, TRUGlobal (US), ICCA (UAE), Fatafeat Online, SFTS (Singapore), Atop Communications (Taiwan) and Restolex Mattresses, to name a few. "Our recent stint in consulting few big political parties for digital campaigns in the past election got us excited. Entrusting digital dominance in the minds of people looks quite promising," says Bala.

Belief: To grow, Fail Faster, and Fail Better
BrandStory's approach is most importantly design led, differing from the regular digital offering. Ready to experiment and develop new, intuitive and indigenous personalities for every brand they work along, mapping consumer behaviour, market trends and interests are the primary keys to
creating an identity for its clients. The identity gets a form and presence in the web and mobile space.

BrandStory develops websites, APPs and drives the brands journey via Social media management, digital marketing, SEO and Online reputation management. On BrandStory's future, Bala observes great opportunity in Online Reputation Management and Digital transformation noticing that social channels have evolved beyond networking. He claims, "Reputation management for every brand is growing crucial as anonymous, fake review methods causing reputation threats are increasing. While ORM being a great scope in near future, we also foresee Digital transformation to be the big game for all SME's, especially for brands catering directly to consumers. It will be a game changer for them to enable seamless customer experience at all possible levels".

Growing by Leaps & Bounds
The company is evolving towards becoming a digital transformation entity aiming to work with global enterprises and institutions by offering design-led technology and marketing services. It is gearing up to launch a programmatic buying platform in 2017, which will empower its clients with various channels of advertisement and gain complete data insights from one dashboard.