Codelattice: Making Customers Digitally Immortal

Vijith Sivadasan,Co-FounderThe hypercompetitive digital arena is fraught with agencies that promise to grab people by ears, yell at them through a bullhorn and hit them like a bolt of lightening with their quick fix solutions.

: Codelattice enables brands to build & execute powerful ideas, while seamlessly integrating shopping experiences infused with innovative forms of engagement & entertainment

Unfortunately,not many can make an impact, since the expertise gained through years of experience and knowledge cannot be easily replicated. Dominating this arena with carefully crafted strategies is Codelattice, an interactive marketing agency providing customized solutions backed by continuous innovation, research-based analytics and a team strengthened by expertise in their competencies.

Plethora of certifications the company has earned over the years, attest to Codelattice's
expertise. With its latest Google Certified Web Designer certification, its Digital Specialist, Supriya Balan Kuniyil guides the team to develop targeted & aesthetic HTML5 creatives using Google Web Designer, which gives them the unique edge to design and upload QA approved creative for DoubleClick Banners by Google. Backed by technology, they offer clients 360° digital solutions, much in return to what is ordinarily being offered in the industry. Moreover, Codelattice does it without forcing clients to pay for huge meetings filled with a half dozen people who really don't need to be there.

Activate, Establish & Accelerate
To create everlasting digital impressions by connecting dots that build brand capital for every customer, Codelattice offers customized solutions under its service groups Activate (create & enhance brand persona via website, e-Commerce, explainer videos & mobile apps development), Establish (create leads, increase website traffic, initiate viral marketing & enhance brand visibility via SEM, SMM strategies supported by content curation), and Accelerate (creative mix of promotional services including AdEngineeringTM, Spot integrated campaigns, Google's Double Click Banners besides others).

Forming a communication agency during the global economic crisis in 2009 meant one thing, opportunities were up for grabs. And since its inception in 2009, Codelattice has been enabling brands to build & execute powerful ideas, seamlessly integrating shopping experiences infused with
innovative forms of engagement & entertainment. Their prominent clientele include Sony, Nestle, Toshiba, Pepsi, Subway, L'Oreal, British Council, Rising Kerala and Smartcity, among others.

Nurturing Unparalleled Creativity
Codelattice engages its team to be better developers and analysts, since it is keen on iterating on ways to deliver client's message on the paths paved by data - a new frontier that is often difficult to navigate and comprehend. "The millennials who form majority of our team, derive brute force creativity from within their own front-line experiences and often come out with unchartered ideas," remarks Vijith Sivadasan, Co-Founder, Codelattice. These hacks enable clients to entice their customers with campaigns that top the 'Best 20'.

Codelattice is determined to bring about a change in 'how' agencies go about helping brands make the connection with their customers. They believe in an active partnership with the customer assuming a consulting role and defined KPIs. Redefining set parameters, Codelattice intends to work with departments beyond marketing (product innovation, customer service, and others). Providing guidance on what changes need to be implemented in order to meet the needs of their customers, Codelattice has started working on new tools and dashboards that will change the way digital marketing can be harnessed to build the brand capital and scale success and profitability.