Kaizzen Communications: Delivering Result-Oriented PR & Digital Media Solutions through Smart Strategies

Vineet Handa, Founder & CEO

Vineet Handa

Founder & CEO

Christmas in 2016 became merrier for the festive folks of New Delhi when the REAL Santa Claus greeted them with Finnish chocolates!! This was no decoy. In fact, this was an excellent demonstration of PR expertise put into action by Delhi-based Kaizzen Communications on behalf of the Embassy of Finland for its #Real Santa In India campaign promoting Finland Tourism. Known for its eccentric, smart and innovative PR strategies, Kaizzen (est. 2008) embraces the moniker for accomplishing successful media image for its clientele by contemplating its clients’ requisites in detail, thereby bringing ideas to life, driving their ROI and engrossing their audience at every turn.

Equipped with a full-fledged digital arrangement, Kaizzen offers an extensive range of PR services that includes Communication Strategy & Planning, Brand Reputation Management, Editorial Services & CSR engagement support. Regardless of whether you need help in establishing your core strengths, identifying your target audience, or developing a channel for internal/external communication,
Kaizzen employs a blend of latest and time-tested approach to bring about the insights and strategies for effective campaigning. “We bridge our clients and media by understanding the clients’ needs and deploying spotless strategies with respect to the target audience,” asserts Vineet Handa, Founder & CEO, Kaizzen Communications.

We bridge our clients and media by understanding the clients’ needs and deploying spotless strategies with respect to the target audience

Happy Clientele Mantra
As one of the independent and well-known agencies, since its inception in Delhi & Mumbai circuit, the firm’s core idea revolves around the notion of happy clientele by delivering customised brand services, time and again. As a result, Kaizzen not only has a prolonged business association with big shots like Yale University & LIRNE asia for decade now but also has successfully retained its very first client to date. So what is Kaizzen's secret mantra that makes it such a concrete client-puller? The profound aspect of consistent message identification & recognition of brands requirement, results in Kaizzen's efficient conveyance to the audience, thus transforming the audience into fans of its colossal clientele.

Besides providing result-oriented, strategic & targeted communication, Kaizzens'
editorial team steps up the game by enhancing the editorial and content messaging to aid the client in boosting its marketing campaign. Moreover, with extensive experience in dealing with crisis across the full reputation spectrum, this PR firm has developed specific tools, processes and products to assist in preparing for and dealing with client crisis. Solely adhering to its business mantra – ‘Under Promise & Over Deliver’ – Kaizzen rises above the complementary market competition by fostering 20:80 rule, where to control 80 percent of crisis one needs to focus on 20 percent of the profit. Kaizzen does not believe in blowing its own trumpet & leaves it to others to speak about its services.

Assisting several organizations in public and private sectors in their dual commitment to sustainability and CSR, team Kaizzen works to transform its clientele’s corporate citizenship story into a powerful tool where the audience is made to witness & comprehend a social side to the brand.

Endorsing varied aspects & delivering complete client satisfaction through its digital media strategies, event management and the unparalleled PR solutions, the firm exhibits an average revenue surge of 25-30 percent YoY. With a vision to double its turnover by 2019, Kaizzen intends to expand to Bangalore and Chennai, thereby cementing its media competence with a happy customer base.