Maction Consulting: Authentic Research to Actionable Insights

Mahendra Chaudhary,Founder and Managing Director

Mahendra Chaudhary

Founder and Managing Director

Market Research firms are growing by the numbers every year. Only a handful of those, have the curriculum to first understand its clients thoroughly, before putting forth a solution. And there are some who have executed clients’ requirements exceptionally, and most importantly, comprehensively. Founded by Mahendra Chaudhary, Maction Consulting is an Ahmedabad based full-service market research and social research organization, offering gainful quantitative & qualitative research solutions.

Essentially, Maction Consulting assists various organizations and non-profits across diverse business and industry verticals by drawing actionable and cost-effective insights through rigorous research. The service portfolio includes Business to Consumer Research (B2C), Business Research/ Industrial Research (B2B), Social & Development Research and Organizational Behaviour Research. Additionally, Maction Consulting provides analytics solutions and business & marketing consulting services.

Maction Consulting takes a ground up approach in their offerings. Brand Awareness and Brand Perception form the initial steps towards the same. Maction captures the source of awareness, to what extent public knows about that brand, any previous or current usage experience etc. This is followed by the brand perception studies conducted to learn about how the general public perceives the brand in their mind. Followed by this, Maction analyses the client’s current marketing concerns, issues, problems, plans, strength, weakness, opportunities, threats etc., and accordingly provides a Strategy Framework defining how they can further plan the marketing activities.
In order to check the effectiveness of the advertisement, Maction Consulting also assists the client to see whether an already launched advertisement has made any significant impact on the brand awareness and sales. Maction also offers to study the buyer behavior for clients. Customer Satisfaction (C-SAT), NPS Loyalty, Pricing research, Organizational Behavior research, and Business & Marketing Consulting services are some of perks that Maction as a comprehensive market research firm offers to its clients.

Senior management’s direct supervision and guidance for every assignment, consistently delivering high-quality project management to the clients, and ensuring clients’ satisfaction in every process of engagement; these are some of the key differentiators of Maction Consulting that sets the firm class apart. The senior leadership at Maction has a cumulative service experience of 75 years’ in market research, analytics and consulting. This gives a significant advantage to Maction Consulting in terms of industry expertise. As for Methodological expertise, Maction Consulting expertise includes exploratory research, cross-sectional and longitudinal studies, and causal research.

Maction consultants with their talent and expertise are the best when it comes to resolving your challenges/ issues

Clients have repeatedly lauded Maction's approach to their dilemma, even before a solution has been narrowed down. With clients, Maction Consulting discusses the hidden objectives of the research, scope of research the client wants to cover, and complete details of final deliverables required, before submitting the proposal.

Maction’s approach with clients’ requirements has significantly bolstered the firm’s reputation amongst a plethora of clients. Clients speak highly of Maction’s expertise.

Arjit Das from India Development Foundation says, “We had worked with the Maction team for our project on evaluation of adult literacy program in Eastern Uttar Pradesh. It was a tight project in terms of time. Maction was able to arrange all the logistics and enumerators within two days of notice. They collected data of three thousand households within a span of one week with most advanced data collection method and was updated at real-time. We wish to work with Maction in future and wishing them a prosperous future”.

Maction also extends its research support and consulting advisory for the small start-ups and SMEs, to encourage their business ideas and plan, and be part of their success. After having achieved significant growth in terms of revenue & clients in the past 5 years, Maction intends to continue growing by leaps and bounds in the near future.