Mercom: Boosting Clean-Tech Firms with Stimulated Market Intelligence

Priyadarshini Sanjay,,Managing Director

Priyadarshini Sanjay,

Managing Director

Parallel to the narrative of the businesses, technology and fuelled economy, clean tech has emerged as a cardinal investment category since a decade. However, due to the empirical assessment of various dissertations, its influx and boundaries are still being defined throughout the global VC community. As the helmsman of cleantech enhancing its comprehension, scope and implications, Bangalore-based Mercom Communications India (MERCOM),a division of Mercom Capital Group, is the only clean energy focused PR enterprise in India reinforced by its impeccable in-house team alongside its own research division.

In a time where PR firms significantly rush for brand promotions to live the Indian version of the 'The West Wing', MERCOM(est.2008) pools its prowess in generating media coverage for its clients solely associated with Clean-tech and Digital Health (i.e. Healthcare IT) through its Media Relations, Cross Border PR, Digital PR, Social Media Management, CSR, and many other services. Maintaining one of the largest databases of solar, smart grid and energy storage companies around the world, MERCOM's market intelligence gives itself and its clients an unprecedented
reach and insight into the industry.

Equipped with in-depth expertise on day-to-day whereabouts of the sector and translating its unparalleled insights into impactful strategies, MERCOM has evolved in sync with the industry, accomplishing outstanding client benefits. When a company works with MERCOM, there is hardly any scope for errors. It apprehends the technology and the sector far better than the clients, thereby undertaking disciplined holistic approaches to its PR programs. It starts with a thorough strategy session with its clients ensuring a clear comprehension of their goals and objectives prior to developing sound messages & customized programs conveying their value proposition that distinguishes its clients from their prevailing & even forthcoming contemporaries.

At MERCOM, every challenge becomes an exciting exercise in delivering magic for clients

Media as the Sorcerer's Stone
At MERCOM, every challenge becomes an exciting exercise in delivering magic for clients. It literally pulls rabbits out of hats all the time! Be it industry, mainline or business line, with its matchless quotidian association with the media, the team constantly updates and notifies the press on important topics within the clean energy sector. “These relationships make a difference when we call them on behalf of our clients - when Mercom calls, it is not a cold call,” adjoins Priyadarshini Sanjay, Managing Director, MERCOM. As a result of such
proximate media connections, the firm has successfully executed programs /campaigns in some of the most remote communities across the country. Moreover, procuring highly experienced in-house writers in the team, MERCOM delivers acute and effective content demanded by the most discerning clients. Supporting all its programs with strong content, from press releases and articles to case studies and white papers, the firm helps securing high-profile speaking and panel positions at prominent conferences and for its clients depicting their thought-leadership.

Effective Communication via Superlative Market Intelligence
Internationally headquartered in Austin, Texas, MERCOM also assists its clients in marketing in North America and Europe. Through its consulting services, the firm empowers companies with tools and know-how to make sound decisions, stay ahead of the market and penetrate new markets. As the ultimate one-stop resource, MERCOM’s Market Intelligence Reports are relentlessly utilized to develop strategy, perform research, influence decisions, identify funding opportunities, monitor deal flow and keep regulatory matters or market events updated; enabling industry executives and followers including c-level executives and decision makers from public and private companies to be continually in the loop by delivering timely industry happenings and ahead-of-the-curve analysis. Thus, through a unique blend of research, market intelligence and effective communication services, MERCOM gives its clients the edge they need to succeed in today's competitive marketplace.