Paper Ekart: Providing One Of A Kind Marketplace For The Entire Paper Ecosystem

Bikas Agrawal,<br>Co-Founder

Bikas Agrawal


Organizations in all sectors including the Private and the Government procure paper. When these organizations, that often require paper as a raw material, do so in huge quantum, the paper conversion industry and key suppliers of paper come in. The paper conversion industry is growing at a rapid CAGR of 9.1 percent, and the size of the global market for converted paper products is anticipated to increase from $512.98 billion in 2021 to $559.66 billion in 2022.

Paper Ekart has recently begun its journey in this industry and has received an overwhelmingly welcome from various business houses due to its revolutionary capability of bringing transparency to the entire paper ecosystem. It is the first start-up in the world to undertake such a venture, thus becoming an extremely popular paper marketplace.

The Start-up works as a multivendor B2B marketplace that supports several businesses in buying and selling various kinds of paper including Duplex paper, SBS paper, Kraft paper and so on. It is well equipped in creating, stockpiling and delivering paper that may be used in multiple industries, like in packaging, cleaning, construction and the like.

The purpose is that Paper Ekart is the most known for, is coordinating very effectively with paper mills, paper converters, stockpile holders and any other mediators in the industry, which leads to reduction in waiting time for businesses that need paper. The company has developed its own app, maintains a website and effectively sees that it always has the capacity to bridge service gaps in a fragmented industry as the paper ecosystem.

A Wide Range of Services
“Paper Ekart provides benefit to both paper buyers and sellers by carefully stockpiling its paper and giving it to buyers based on their credit history. Its other services include supplying the paper industry with machines that are needed in various sectors”, shares Manish Beria, Co-Founder, Paper Ekart. The start-up manages the requirements using both new and used machines as per needs of the clients and also sells spare parts of the machines, which makes the platform even more efficient.

Manish Beria ,Co-Founder
Apart from these, it also has educational content on its website in the form of blog posts that educate people on everything in regard to the paper Industry. It is also helping to create a credit rating system for buyers and help the financial mediator in the paper industry, so that trade happens in a fast yet trustworthy manner.

The venture started in 2020 in Vapi, Gujarat with seven members as its employees, however, most of the core team including Co-Founders Manish Beria and Bikash Agrawal and CTO Shamim Iqbal have years of experience in the paper industry. It quickly became popular among both paper mill corrugators and businesses that require paper (Paper Ekart made it easy for corrugators to list their extra stock). Now the plan is to expand its operations in India and to introduce new, beneficial schemes to the customers.

Paper ekart has developed a one-ofa- kind business model that caters to the entire ecosystem of the paper industry, including the paper mills, paper converters, stockholders and other players that exist within such an ecosystem

It is especially trying to introduce Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) schemes for its customers, as this will help eliminate credit risk as Paper E Kart will coordinate between the parties that are buying and selling. Already having tie-ups with 45 paper mills in Vapi and having offices in Surat, Mumbai, and Vasai, it is set to open up offices in Jodhpur and Delhi. Paper Ekart is planning to facilitate import and export of paper, paper converting machinery, consumables and after sale service in the future.