Rolloverstock: An Online B2B Ecommerce Marketplace Connecting Manufacturers With Retailers

(L-R) Kalyan Krishna C, Co-founder & Executive Director <br>Kishore Kapuveedhi, Global MD,<br>Kishore Kumar Yedam, Global CEOThe scale of the international business-to-business e-commerce industry, estimated at USD 6,883.47 billion in 2021, is expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19.7% from 2022 to 2030. Online ordering preferences have changed because of the COVID-19 epidemic, opening up new possibilities for businesses to expand in the market. The prospects for the B2B industry have also improved because of the shutdown of retail stores and a rise in online purchases. While the paradigm shift, away from in-store shopping and towards online shopping was fueled by the onset of the pandemic, continued discounts, the comfort of shopping from home, quick deliveries, the option to return items, and varied quality and price ranges of items have further propelled the growth.

Rolloverstock is a trusted Online B2B eCommerce marketplace that connects manufacturers & master distributors with wholesalers & retailers to sell and purchase bulk quantities of products from a wide variety of categories ranging from Home Appliances, Industrial Goods, Furniture, Electronics, and many more at wholesale prices without any limitation in the quantity.

All facets of every business have been revolutionized by digital technology in the current environment. The adoption of a digital strategy has helped to alleviate many operational problems for firms, and modern technology and digital networks could also help companies grow smoothly. Rolloverstock has distinguished itself from the competition by offering a cutting-edge platform that links India’s B2B industry. Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers can sell and purchase goods in bulk quantities across a variety of product categories on Rolloverstock.

Retailers can purchase goods at wholesale costs from manufacturers and distributors, increasing their profit margins. With the use of the platform’s complete vendor dashboard, sellers can easily manage, list, and sell their products. The digitized approach as adopted by Rolloverstock has helped numerous business owners overcome hundreds of hurdles and obstacles commonly faced by vendors who try to navigate the e-commerce space on their own. By integrating all the necessary features needed to run an e-commerce business into one user-friendly platform, Rolloverstock is making digitization simple for everyone.

A Range of Services Offered
Rolloverstock provides manufacturers and distributors the platform they need to digitize their items quickly, interact with more than 4 lakh verified sellers, give offers, and complete transactions across more than 1000 product categories with a 2Cr+ customer base nationwide. With the most complete B2B eCommerce platform, vendors can sell goods in bulk across the country and make bigger profits, while buyers can purchase goods at
neverbefore- seen wholesale prices. Rolloverstock has made it possible for manufacturers and master distributors to take advantage of the eCommerce platform to launch, grow, and improve their online store operations, increase their client base and commercial reach, and promote and market their product offerings.

“Rolloverstock is an online B2B eCommerce marketplace that specializes in bulk order sales fulfillment by connecting high-quality and verified sellers with bargain-hunting buyers”, says Kishore Kumar Yedam, Global CEO.

Rolloverstock offers business owners the most cost-effective way to deal with their product offerings. By creating a digital store, sellers can list all their merchandise on Rolloverstock and generate impressive profits through bulk order sales. Rolloverstock thus acts as a platform for wholesale businesses as well as for those that wish to purchase products at discounted prices.

Rolloverstock offers a vast array of features in place to facilitate the hassle-free selling of goods as well as the management and efficient operation of an online store for the benefit of customers who obtain them at wholesale prices. Businesses are given an easy-to-use platform to sell items via Rolloverstock and enhance the bottom line of the company. The workforce at Rolloverstock is committed to expanding its ecosystem and giving businesses access to the finest eCommerce system possible to help them flourish in this technological era.

eCommerce is a potent means for bringing the unconnected into the world of trade. Unquestionably, we are living in an era of globalization, and eCommerce is a key factor in India’s transformation into a digitized nation. The use of online platforms and technology has allowed firms to overcome numerous challenges in running their processes, and it can also help them do so easily. Their expert staff helps merchants migrate from outdated B2B eCommerce platforms and storefronts to new, cutting-edge ones while guaranteeing complete data protection and integrity.

“The company aims to have a good and lucrative influence on its clients’ businesses via excellent customer service and product quality”, further adds Kishore Kapuveedhi, Global MD. Rolloverstock’s unique approach is what sets it apart from the majority of other e-commerce platforms out there. This platform is not justfor the end customer, but also for traders and store owners who wish to purchase high-quality goods at the lowest possible prices from the comfort of their homes or shops and increase their profit margins manifold.

The platform provides special discounts for those that wish to purchase products in bulk, which can be resold to independent buyers for a higher profit. This way, the platform cuts a few middlemen, thereby further reducing the cost of products being purchased.

“The team of Rolloverstock is on a mission to constantly keep growing its network and be able to supply businesses with the best eCommerce marketplace they need to succeed. From providing the most curated products to the buyers in an efficient manner, we are also focusing to provide job opportunities to over 1000+ people and becoming a billion-dollar business”, further states Kalyan Krishna C, Co- Founder & Executive Director.

Furthermore, the platform enables sellers to sell their products in bulk efficiently and stay ahead of the curve in today’s competitive market. Groundbreaking initiatives such as this are just an instance of the amount of dedication that the entire team of Rolloverstock puts into the platform, all with the sole purpose of aiding businesses to achieve better profits and diversify their business efficiently without any hassles.

Future Roadmap of Rolloverstock
“Rolloverstock has thrived since day one and is always striving to achieve greater heights and stay ahead of the curve in today’s competitive marketplace. We are based out of 7 locations globally, with many more to come”, further adds Kishore Kumar Yedam, Global CEO. The firm is constantly pushing itself to grow its network so that it can offer businesses the most advanced B2B eCommerce platform. By providing outstanding customer support and high-quality products, the company is hoping to make a positive and profitable impact on the businesses of its clients.

The firm has also been awarded the “Trendsetter of Tamil Nadu Award- 2022” by the Times of India and was also among “The 20 Most Promising Startups to Watch 2022”. To achieve excellence as the core of every product and service, Rolloverstock is turning itself into a B2B industry leader.