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  • 10 Most Promising Global Marketing Service Providers - 2017

    The world is changing and it’s changing fast. With individual legacies dissolving and cultural experiences crossing borders, the world has shrunk significantly.  This mix up is not only limited to social reasons but for business solutions as well. For instance, several high end brands like Pizza Hut, L’Oreal, Ernst & Young and many more are enjoying an international presence solely because they understood the importance of globalization and leveraged this opportunity to affirm themselves in the big players league worldwide. Organisations are no more cemented to their native foundations but gaining a global scalability that requires an in-depth understanding of the ingenious audience & domestic consumer practices. Such diversity calls for the need of global...

10 Most Promising Global Marketing Service Providers - 2017

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Appco Appco Saiprakash Kuckian, Vice President The organization curates face to face marketing strategize while adhering to the international laws to help the customers expand their global reach and thrive
Argos International Argos International Mark E. Watson III, President & CEO It serves as a vital link in the supply chain process, sourcing and supplying the top quality products from all over the world, establishing a symbiotic relationship between buyers and suppliers
Edelman Edelman Richard Edelman, President & CEO The company delivers the best in communications strategy to its clients, helping them reach their business and communication goals
Epsilon Epsilon Bryan Kennedy, CEO An all encompassing global marketing innovator, the company hand crafts marketing solutions in due consideration of the international laws to help brands cater on an inernational level
Fleishmanhillard Fleishmanhillard John Saunders, President & CEO The company offers strategic communications counsel to globally focused companies and help them communicate their business ideations credibly & compellingly
Insignia Communications Insignia Communications Vijay Lokhande, Founder & CEO Leading Healthcare MPO ensuring seamless brand communication across all stakeholders by proffering end-to-end solutions with a scientific approach
PinnacleWorks Infotech PinnacleWorks Infotech Ankit Ruia & Sarvagya Mishra, Co-Founders A cutting-edge Global Marketing service provider exhibiting highest standards of quality service and operational excellence
Regalix Regalix Vikas Sharan, CEO Comprising of marketing experts of various backgrounds & specializations, the organisation helps customers create tailor made strategies to appeal to the international audience
Sartha Global Marketing Sartha Global Marketing Sunil Puri, MD The organization focuses on business segments of tourism, hospitality, aviation and trade/ convention bureaus and facilitates its customers with integrated sales & marketing solutions and consultancy